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How to be smart

How to be smart. Since early childhood, we hear It is not wise or Youre not smart, but what does it mean to be smart? Wit and intelligence are not the same

Since early childhood, we hear It is not wise or Youre not smart, but what does it mean to be smart? Wit and intelligence are not the same. Intelligence is a laymans terms what we are born with anything, although that is not the final . Intelligence can also be developed, and the mind is the ability to use intelligence. As for what we want our success and we have sown and watered to grow - to grow. Anyone can be successful. How
be smart
Read more about intelligence, a word which is derived from the Latin word that INTELLIGERE. sphere, and know that if we strive to develop much more. Our brain is a wonderful powerful machine that gives us plenty of opportunities and that we allows it to develop in as many directions and interests as much as we want. phrases like Youre stupid / a, should not be appropriated for storage of your current information is not final. your brain look like a computer with more memory by storing them in folders your interests step by step. History Folder folder math, cooking folder , etc.. and little by little develop their interests, depending on what interests you. Do not give up. If you do something does not work, you can not remember now-go back on the matter tomorrow. Thomas Edisons light bulb promoted a thousand times, until he came up with a solution that bulbs should work, so be persistent and you will succeed. Repeat things you want to know and remember, often. Repetition is the mother of knowledge according to a Latin proverb. How much more composed of so many drops and inserts something composed of many repeating part by part. Grow. Only when a man develops and progresses, it works on its own, ie. in their efforts as much as in a moment it seemed futile , then it will be fulfilled. Select the appropriate literature that describes how the brain is able to develop or book or text that will be at hand to read whenever you are out of step between yes, thats it or might spend their time Wind library or bookstore and look for books on the psychology of the human mind ivolje. Do not give up on personal development to be smart : - Books are friends, and always available to you. Share with someone what you read. Keep a diary about what they read and what you will use for future reference.

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