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How the Eiffel Tower

How the Eiffel Tower. The story of the Eiffel Tower shows how its history was indeed unique

The story of the Eiffel Tower shows how its history was truly unique. Unlike other towers incurred during the same period, the Eiffel Tower was built just a reason to be emphasized, and in contrast to contemporary buildings.
Worlds Fair 1889th year
occasion of the centenary of the Revolution, the local authorities in Paris have made a decision to organize the Worlds Fair to underline French creativity and talent. In a sea of ​​ideas, one assumes the construction of the tower. However, it was anticipated that the structure persists - the idea was to build a tower just for the exhibition and after the crash. In fact, it has been suggested that the tower design allows it to easily disassemble. History of the Eiffel Tower begins with a man whose name it bears. At that time, Gustav Eiffel worked on design of the tower. his first draft presented to officials in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Spaniards were not at all impressed. design of the tower they izgleo strange. Moreover, smtarali that is too expensive and not worth the cost of construction. After being rejected, Gustav traveled to Paris and presented sketches of the local authorities. They have seen the potential construction and accept the project.
sharp criticism and contempt
After completion of construction of the tower, critics wasted no time in expressing reproach and find objections. For some, the tower looked old-fashioned , recalling the 19th-century buildings. Others, however, said that the absence of floors and building levels are completely useless and impractical. However, what was the most criticized in the history of the Eiffel Tower is its open style structure. most famous artists call it the debacle and utterly monstrous edifice.
public admiration
Some officials and artists were ready for the worst, but during the World Fair 1889th year, people liked the unique look of the tower. In addition, people were able to using elevators climb the tower. He offered them a view of Paris, which had no equal. In the period of one year, construction costs have been recovered. Tower has become a huge success. Although it has become very popular, 1909. The tower is faced with the problem. With its 20 floors, the building was well within the limits of 7 floors allowed by law then. story Eiffel Tower would be completed right there that he was shot down. However, the government has allowed the building to remain. By that time, the tower has already become famous and recognized as a symbol of the country.
Facts and figures
building is 300 meters high and has a base of 40 m2. Lattice steel frame is made of 1 500 individual parts that are stuck with over 500 000 rivets. One of the benefits of open architecture of the tower is a very high resistance to strong winds. few years, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world. in 1931. year, her rule was suppressed Building Empire State Building in the United States. But as the history of the Eiffel Tower show, the status symbol of France and one of the wonders of the world continues to this day.

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