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How to be a good teacher

How to be a good teacher. If you decide to call and ask the teachers how to be a good teacher, or just thinking about it should know that this is a very responsible job

If you decide to call and ask the teachers how to be a good teacher, or just thinking about it should know that this is a very responsible job. Front of you are young minds that need to be shaped and directed the right way. Therefore be good teacher is not only a professional ability to improve, but also personal, moral obligation that accompanies this call bears. If you want to become a good teacher, here are some guidelines which should be followed: 1 - Preparation. Prepare for lessons thoroughly and make preparations creative. Some preparations are not only ​​formal commitments but let really serve a purpose. Imagine a class that needs to maintain a clear structure and its course from beginning to end. Think about the matter and content of which should convey to the students and set the minimum and the maximum hour of to achieve. When you think about the concept of class is always set himself in the role of students and think whether that moment was interesting to you. If the class is not interesting to you, how likely it will be interesting to students? 2 - Communications. An important segment of teaching and process is to communicate with colleagues and students. the communication should always do. Developing good communication should be one of the most important goals that need to ask yourself. good communication can overcome possible conflicts among colleagues and students. We do our best in all situations so we seek win - win problem-solving system. Time both sides get what they want and nobody will be damaged. 3 - Authority. no real authority there is no real class. Many teachers make mistakes and establish the authority of the only bad marks and exaggerated strictness. Such authority is established the feet of clay, and at any moment we can expect a rebellion among the students. Rebellion can be at the level of a student or at the level of the entire department that becomes phlegmatic, or uninterested in the work. Authority has nothing to do with the establishment of military discipline, poor grades, but he gradually builds . You can gain confidence and your students and colleagues, begin to be considered experts in their field who always find a solution to any problems. The students do not build a friendly relationship, maintain a professional relationship between teacher - student, but do not overlook and underestimate students . If we fail to find a balance on your way to build good and gain authority, speaking slang of students rating good profe. These are just some basic guidelines you should follow as they strive to become good teachers. If you think about the text that we just read we can conclude that being a good teacher is not easy and that the only real solution to the constant professional, technical, and in improving their own personality.

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