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How to analyze a song

How to analyze a song. Most of you probably here because you have something like this for homework and wondering how to analyze a song

Most of you probably here because you have something like this for homework and wondering how to analyze a song. Lirika as a literary kind is a very specific and sometimes difficult to understand. Language lyric in a completely different language from other literary genres. Meanings and emotions were jammed into the verses, words often do not have their basic meaning, but mean something completely different. Therefore, lyrical pjsme often hermetic - closed - is difficult to understand and often need to make a detailed analysis of how to interpret them correctly. To make the analysis of the song needed to know one area of ​​science literature called the Theory of Literature. We recommend that you always have the textbook theory of literature, or Zivkovic Milivoja Solara. Here we give some general guidance on the analysis of the song, but well give you some basic guidelines that are more or less the same in the analysis of any song: 1 - Reading. does Without reading comprehension. Always read the poem several times. Leave enough time to echo the words in your mind. reading in addition to yourself, always read the poem aloud. Try to listen to the rhythm , melody and sound of the layer in which we can often recognize emotions. Try to recite the song as youve experienced. 2 - form. in the form of the song is one of its outer shape. At this level of analysis we can determine how many stanzas and verses composed song. How many syllables each verse has a syllable on which the breaks and the like. part of the theory of literature dealing with the verse is the metric. Stoga recommend that you refer to the chapter in your textbook. form we can often help to differentiate motives, but that in some cases we find meaning. For example, if a poet and a respected form trenutnku deliberately broken line, change the number of syllables in verse, giving up a template that is likely to highlight a word in a verse which is hidden essence. 3 - layer sounds. lyric poem, Unlike other genera has melody, rhythm, which are highlighted. Note the layer of sounds. Read poem aloud and listen ... Think about what the poet achieves rhythm and melody? Does the rhythm, melody and lyrics sounding corresponding primary emocijii
See ... what is the rhyme: Embraced, steam or crossed? Is there rhyme or even a poet establishes a different tune? Is there alliteration and assonance - the repetition of figures of speech consonants and vowels - in some verses? 4 - Style. style is najindividualniji segment of a song . Think about the style of the song you analyze. in style are unusual language - an archaic and modern, the use of coin new words, neologisms, etc. -, the use of words with different meanings, ie analysis of stylistic figures in the poem: metaphor, metonymy, anaphora, apostrophes, symbols , allegories, etc.. Try analyzing style determine how is the poet and the poem is different from others that you know. 5 - The meaning. meaning song actually comes from all the above. To understand the song the right way you should first go through all these steps and the meaning will only begin to be revealed. In this step we can determine the type of songs - patriotic, thought, social, love, etc. - to determine the thematic framework and theme, and motif structure of the song.
If you need to write composition based on analysis of songs, these steps are just a template, ie the structure by which to write a written composition. Include whatever analysis you get into a meaningful whole is divided into an introduction, development and conclusion.

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