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Premarital Agreement

Premarital Agreement. Wondering how to draw up a premarital agreement? In this article you will find it

Wondering how to draw up a premarital agreement? In this article you will learn it. In the legal life of this agreement is in fact called the marriage contract. This agreement, the spouses regulating property relations to existing or future assets. Contract must be made in writing and must be certified by a judge. 1 - When you schedule a wedding in the relevant municipality, and since you have previously agreed with your spouse on property relations, you can accurately regulate your future property relations. 2 - It is necessary first to you and your future / a husband / and choose your special, so real, and movable property that you acquired before marriage. In the property include: apartments, offices, cars, paintings, jewelry, etc. extremely valuable ..... 3 - You need to be negotiated whether you agree with each other to use things that are special to your mobile and immovable property. 4 - Next, you need to agree how to regulate the use of joint property acquired during marriage and how to regulate liability for the obligations undertaken in marriage. In a joint property acquired during marriage are included: earned income property acquired by gambling, the assets acquired through use of intellectual property during the marriage, things for the exercise of a trade or occupation of a spouse. 5 - The marriage contract can be determined and who will manage the work of spouse household, taking care of joint children, taking care of the property .... 6 - When all the good agreements with future job / wife with the smartest thing to see a lawyer to put it all down on paper that is put together a contract, and then schedule a certification of this agreement in court before a judge. It is essential that both means both you and future husband / and go to court. Notes: - When the contract certified by a judge is best when it comes to real estate cadastral and other registers the existence of this type contract. - concluding this agreement and certification excludes the legal regime of common property.

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