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How to change the name

How to change the name. Name of a person are actually his own name and can be changed

Name of a person are actually his own name and can be changed. Everyone is obliged to use his own name. Name of the child and parents determine what is entered in the register of births. The person whose name contains more than three words, shall be used in legal affairs abbreviated personal name. How to change the name? 1 - You should know that the right to change the names of any person who has attained the 15 years of age who is mentally 2 - If you reached the age of 10 years and if you are mentally competent have the right to give consent for the change of the name 3 - You can not change the name if you want to take other derogatory name, the name that offends morality or the name that is contrary to the customs and beliefs mid 4 - You can not change the name in the following circumstances: Home - if you are against the criminal proceedings for an offense which is prosecuted ex officio Home - if you are convicted of a criminal offense prosecuted ex officio, while the punishment is not carried Home - if you intend to change its name to avoid an obligation 5 - Request for change of the name applying the municipal administration in the territory of which have permanent or temporary residence.

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