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How to choose a primary school child

How to choose a primary school child. This question itself set each parent

The issue itself set any parent. Choosing a primary school in many respects depends on the child and creates him as a person. Therefore devote at least a few months of this decision and do not forget that your child will spend the next 8 years. 1 - Location ie proximity to the primary school should be one of the main factors in choosing. However, consult with parents and children in the neighborhood, school teachers, etc.. 2 - Safety of the school is one of the most important issues. Pay attention to the guards, fences, gates, etc.. 3 - Hygiene is equally important. Visit the school canteen, ie kitchen and toilet facilities. 4 - Van school activities that some schools offer align with the interests of their children. Today, there are music schools in the elementary schools, activity classes such as acting, dance, arts, sports training, etc.. The schools provide the offer of different sections such as art, music, literary. 5 - If you work full time and there is no one home to take care of your child, look for a school with extended ie. day-long stay. The more time children used to meet and socialize. Also, a child with the help of teachers on duty and do their homework, so you will stay home more time for joint activities. 6 - Please note that different schools have different offer foreign languages ​​and in some experimental schools have departments that have a different curriculum, for example, offer bilingual classes or more classes in certain subjects. 7 - When the choice is reduced to a narrow circle, spare one morning and visit the school. Observe children during the holidays, the atmosphere in school and how teachers behavior. Schedule a discussion with the school guidance counselor that you need to be available to all concerns. Notes: - Include your child in this election but you decide. - Do not let the experience with neighbor children or friends children sway your decision. Carefully consider all the previous advice in this election, because almost no mistakes allowed.

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