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Initiation of criminal proceedings

Initiation of criminal proceedings. Interested in the criminal proceeding? This article is for you

Interested in the criminal proceeding? This article is for you. Depending on the type of criminal activities criminal proceedings are initiated upon the proposal of the damaged or private action, or filing appropriate criminal charges to the competent public prosecutor. Initiation of criminal proceedings are taking place following in: 1 - If your detriment of a crime prosecuted by private action, not the line of duty - and these are mostly minor offenses, such as: libel, slander, petty theft, damage to other peoples stuff, etc ... - lawsuit may be submitted within 3 months from the day you learn to act and the perpetrator. 2 - If you have knowledge that someone has committed a serious criminal offense can file a criminal complaint with the competent public prosecutor in the municipality where the offense was committed. 3 - also , it is possible to complete a log of police employees who will perform when all the checks, if they determine that there are grounds to prosecute someone, that person shall notify the competent public prosecutors office. 4 - If you are writing against a persons private criminal complaint, she filed a court , be sure to indicate his true name, date of birth, address and other directories that are known to you, and describe events that happened, any eyewitnesses, and indicate whether you have suffered some damage in what form. 5 - In your own private criminal complaint shall be scheduled the trial to which you have come because they will otherwise be deemed to have given up on charges. 6 - If the public prosecutor after the filing of criminal charges assessed to the action of the reported person has the elements of the crime that is prosecuted ex officio against a registered person may file a motion for application of certain investigative actions, or put a request for an investigation. 7 - If you have damaged the commission of a crime you will be called as a witness in the proceedings, it is necessary to respond to the call, otherwise you can be fined for Failure to enter the court. Note: - For each criminal case is to hire the smartest lawyers.

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