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How to fix rates

How to improve grades. Numerous surveys have shown that a large number of high school with grades Kubura

Numerous surveys have shown that a large number of high school with grades Kubura. Therefore we will in this paper to give advice on how to improve grades.
Nowadays there are fewer kids who really love what material taught in high school.
But as they say in these situations: they must not and should not be difficult. So follow the advice below and direction from the classroom to retrieve: - How to improve grades? 1 - It is better to prevent than cure. course , the first advice that we give you is to not let that get bad grades, so that after you fix them and sit for days before the end of the semester or school year to learn that they are missed. However, since we were the high school students know that it is not easy translated in part, for which todays unreconstructed interesting lesson plans. anyone: - So if you kampanjci, you completely understand, and we bring you the advice you get bad grades, and how to fix them before its too late. 2 - Make a plan. Just so, you must force yourself to take the time to learn and improve on to the next control or responding. So for example if you have 5 lessons to learn, and you estimate that it takes 4 hours of effective teaching, then do not wait until the last day to learn from morning till night, but slowly begin at least 3-4 days before it. So you will have time to go more than once and you can read the lesson settle in the head. 3 - Naterajte yourself. When you determine how much time will be required to learn certain material, you are now ahead of the bickering, and that is to push to yourself to sit down and learn. You must be open to it. We know that it does not teach you that it is boring and uninteresting, but you have to do sooner or later. Therefore, organize, instead of 4 hours will be at the computer, cut every day for half an hour or an hour and take the time to learn a lesson or two. results will be visible on the following controls: - 4 - Determine the curriculum and Once you read a lesson, find the time and day for a bit before answering, or check to determine what is learned in recent days. to myself. 5 - Believe in yourself and good cheer at the school. It is going to control or respond maximally relaxed bar with a low dose of confidence. You have to believe in your knowledge and you can fix it. If you are taking enough time and good learn everything that you asked, do not worry. 6 - Repair grades. you repair all problems are solved grades do not: - Basically yes, but I just wanted to give you advice that you learn in these past mistakes and next time, no matter how much material was uninteresting, and learn to time and do not let that get the first poor grades, and then fix them. Note: • If you lack concentration and do not know how to spend the time to read the book effectively take advantage of our tips: How to quickly learn

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