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How to read your mind

How to read minds. Literally mind-reading is not possible and probably belongs to the realm of science fiction

literally mind-reading is not possible and probably belongs to the realm of science fiction. However, reading someones behavior, based on the analysis of psycho tricks, can penetrate more deeply to people and find out or guess what the person at the time of interview thoughts or feelings. So here are some guidelines ...
How to read minds?
1 - First of all, pay attention to body language, which has much to say about what that person really feels and what he thinks. Shaking leg, snapping the fingers, usually exaggerated gestikuliacije indicates nervousness or discomfort to any person that is currently consuming some thoughts. 2 - Reading the palms of the person you talk, you can also determine whether the person is upset or not. Are cold, sweaty or hot, to you are slightly twisted or not, all this points to the current emotional state. 3 - Face, facial expression, also says a lot about trentuno condition. For example fake-smile never reaches the eyes, so that if a person laughs around the eye area remains nenaborano may mean that a person regardless of the nervous smile, or even skeptical, ironic. 4 - Unconscious mistakes that people make, - wrongly spoken words that get a completely different meaning, mixing names and the like - also have much to say about the current thoughts. that interpretation is particularly involved with Freud.

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