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How to prepare for the entrance exam

How to prepare for entrance exams. Are you concerned about the entrance exams in high school? Here is how to best clean up and to do best of all

Are you concerned about the entrance exams in high school? Here is how to best clean up and to do best of all.
How to prepare for the entrance exam?
1 - Start to listen to special attention to the lessons of mathematics and Serbian. Just so you can train for best results. 2 - Ask parents for a private teacher. It will cost a pretty, but it will eventually pay off. 3 - Read. Pay attention to books that are related to mathematics. read them thoroughly. 4 - Go to the simulation of the entrance examination. It is held each year before receiving the feeling that you have gained confidence. 5 - Find some tasks on the Internet or ask your teacher to find them. Do it. 6 - How to test closer, make a list of things you do when you come to the entrance. 7 - When the receiver starts, stay focused.

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