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How to read the book

How to read books. Many people can successfully master the art of reading the book

Many people can successfully master the art of reading books. However, many beginners give up too quickly. Reasons for this are usually allergic to the letter, the alleged archaic medium, lack of patience and the like. However, do not be swayed! If you follow the instructions in this article, guaranteed you will learn this ancient art that has brought our ancestors as much fun and maintain farm on facebook you.
Guide For starters, take a primer and a refresher on all the letters. Remember, w, x, @ y are not part of either the alphabet or the alphabet. 00 is in any case not be read as u, and also in our language are of unknown structure and spelling as cx , ie or zh . Smiley is not the word. No smiley is not a word, no matter whether animated or not. If you write according to these rules, youd better not even try to read. Get a dictionary. This is important because many words that are used in most Paper does not appear. For example, instead of the usual abbreviations like lol and wtf, used archaic constructions such as laughing with all my heart, or what the hell?. Also, it is important to note that many words may have a different meaning than youre used to. Examples of this are the words extra - usually meaning additional - or old man - used to signify an older person, an old man -. Learn how to care for the book. book is a good-natured animals . Whatever you heard about it that story, the book rarely bite their owners. Each book requires a certain amount of attention and care to keep them happy. For example, you should leave the book on a damp place, it is best to keep it at optimal room temperature. Books tolerate any amount of light, but if you want to play with it, for you it is best to do it in good light. Most of the book is not overly picky in terms of living space, but usually prefer the police. Making ears and writing on the cover depends on the species to species, it is best for the specific case of your check with the librarian on duty or sales representative where you purchased the book. Start with a light reading. game you prefer a book to read course. Books in our area is usually read from beginning to end, with From left to right, although there are exceptions. Reading books is slightly different from the classical reading today. First, there is no possibility of results - the so-called. ctrl-f key combination -. Keep that in mind. Furthermore, the new party movement is obtained by simply hand, dragging the edge of the right page to your left. Watch the ears! Finally, reading can be performed in all the positions that you can remember, the books anyway, as long as you comfortably. Start slowly, a paragraph or two a day. time, enter you in the stack, and you will be able to read the entire page at once! Join the library. Annual membership is expensive, roughly equivalent to 3-4 cappuccino, but it pays in the long run. If you have a little more money or are you willing to give up one exit month in the city, you can try and book stores. So get a copy of the book that will be only yours! But remember, the rights entail certain responsibilities, so that it is necessary to pay particular attention to The above step three. For the boldest, advanced readers there is a possibility to visit antique shops and street vendors. However, this is not recommended unless you have a minimum of three years of reading experience. SavetiProverite vision. Reading can seriously affect your vision, especially if performed in a dark environment. For each case, visit your ophthalmologist before you start reading. Also, if you are already there, make sure that you stand for a few frames for eyeglasses, select the most beautiful and remember it. just in case. Do not worry if you fail to master reading the book first, no one read was born. most important thing is to not give up and have a great time! book may, among other things, cause feelings of irritation, irony, and the like. If you notice any of these symptoms, stop reading and go back to Facebook! Prolonged exposure to reading even in rare cases, causes feelings of snobbery, more value, the need for trolovanjem non-readers and the general dissatisfaction with the world. If you get to this stage, the only solution is urgent hospitalization. patient is placed in a soundproof room filled to the top of the books, so the patient is left untreated - because the drug does - but only isolated from the outside world, for their entire community and well. Patients who have attained this level of disease with which we had the opportunity to speak said they have never been happier. of things will you need a library, Foundations, Dictionary

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