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How to write a speech

How to write a sermon. You chose this job or you are assigned, but still have not moved away from the topic? Do not let it demoralize, as a creative block happens to everyone

you chose this job or you are assigned, but still have not moved away from the topic? Do not let it demoralize, as a creative block happens to everyone. However, to give us such a block occurred rarely, but there are a few rules that should we have in mind to the creative process went smoothly.
How to write a sermon
Carefully select a theme.
Before you can definitely opt for a specific topic, yet little research - if you are reading readily available for research, whether it has been discussed too many times - because you do not want to be boring - whether the current theme, will be of interest to your target group - or you want to send a message -. Make a brief summary of what you write.
is always good to have a skeleton around which you build the story. This helps to keep the plan in case they wander away from the topic a bit. What is the message you want to send?
message is not something the only mention in conclusion, the message must runs from beginning to end, and that reaches its full form in the right conclusion. Let the message is direct, clear and realistic. Do not be be offensive by anything or anyone. No one prozivajte or pointing, because everything in this world still may say otherwise, it is not hard to be nice, right? Arm yourself with facts and verified information.
memory alone can not write any. But you do not want your work to understand the seriousness because it uses the unverified rumors, opinions or prejudices. Library and Google were you there to explore and view information. They do not hesitate to use them. not prepisujte!
If you run into someones sentence that you really like, type it just quoted in footnote obligatory mention of the author. Because if you use other peoples texts, even if only one sentence, without mentioning the right of the author, it is theft. If someone is discovered, the consequences can be serious for you. Do not do that. It is always better if you explore a topic and then write down their findings and opinions. When you have completed all necessary preparation, time to write it all and organize the whole. Whether you are writing speech, a short text, an essay, term paper - you must have in the form of rules that you learn more from primary school: an introduction, body and conclusion. Do not keep the introduction of rigid and dull-looking, but feel free to use their ideas and write an introduction for who you think would be most attracted to you personally. It is increasingly used to write without introduction and immediately goes to the essence - but to have up to you and your target audience. If your work exposing the formal group may decide on your academic future, then hold the official rules.
Development is where you will be dealing with facts , information, opinions and that you have to remember to mention the sources of that information and facts. most important part of development is your attitude, so do not hesitate to bring it, properly argued and emphasize that it is your personal position.
conclusion is the place message for all of your work. own words and let it form a logical conclusion is the end of your presentation. Work will be bad if the conclusion had nothing to do with the introduction and working out, or if it is too general. Conclusion of the seal, place the point and pointing fingers. Give his time. clarity and simplicity.
Less is more. Keep your sentences short and clear, do not overdo it with phrases - frazirajte not work - but be simple and understandable. For speech is important and what is written and as it sounds. So, worry about the aesthetics and essence. Proper between these two will bring a great work. substance causes emotions and / or the reaction of readers / listeners, and aesthetics prove your knowledge of the rules of literacy. If you print work, pay attention to details .
Most of the headlines concentrate on the subject / title, and add everything else smaller font. Do you across the entire front page says Seminar, Preach, Essay and the like, because that would just be subject to the the most important. Other pages duly numbered, organize and footnote within a footnote, let your content is viewed and do not forget to mention the references you used and the sources of your information. This is the most important step.
When you write a quality speech, should be enliven his oratory - oratory -. Rhetoric is the practice in which rules are applied on a beautiful speech. may be judicial, political, or event. Read your work aloud, relax and enjoy the idea of ​​what you wrote, try to dramatize, breaks, change the intonation. If you are not sure how to do, contact the teachers of public speaking, actors, dramaturzimai or a professor / teachers of Serbian language.

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