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How to get permission to hold a gun

How to get permission to hold a gun. Since the gun, firearm, you need to have permission for it, that is

As the gun, firearm, you need to have permission for it, ie. That the police have the records you as the owner of certain weapons. Why? When a murder occurs, it first examines the capsule, and type of sleeve which gun fired the shot. After that the police are oriented in pursuit of the perpetrator.
How to get permission to hold a gun
First of all it is necessary to take a shot in order to get paper to verify that know how to handle firearms. It is taken in the shooting ranges and training lasts one day, and the price is around 5000 USD. With this certificate go to the police and apply for permission. According to some stories soon everyone will have to seek permission to issue the certificate that the family agrees. Pay a few fees, and if you are convicted, that is. if you are not known to the police for robbery, - probably - youll get a license. Buying and registering a gun, that log which model you buy and from whom ... - This step is partially contained in the second step - As a gun owner you have to pay tax on the possession of handguns. SavetiUkoliko get a firearm, that permission should be respected, ie. do not carry weapons and threaten - or show - in public places. to bear arms need to get permission, and it - as I know - get secure and politicians - on request -. UpozorenjaVatreno weapons used in defense, not to shoot into the air and celebrate. bullets can fly away, but it can kill someone there.

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