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How the zero

How the zero. Concept of zero had a significant role in seeing the development of higher mathematics as a major step in the history of mankind

The concept of zero had a significant role in seeing the development of higher mathematics as a major step in the history of mankind. Zero is also a synonym for the word nothing. Although there are many stories that are associated with the emergence of this issue, studies show that the number was invented by a group people from the Mayan civilization. At that time, the decimal system was used in the same day as the only difference being that space is left to be pointing to zero by the third century BC. Another version of the story is that the zero was discovered by an Indian mathematician and astronomer , Aryabhata, not about the ninth century. There is also a claim to the roots of which date back to zero by the year 300 BC. in Babylon. All these findings were independent and unrelated to each other.
Discovery zero worldwide
The use of empty space was very confusing, because the empty space is also used to separate numbers. therefore shifted to the use of zero point on the site. first use of the symbol zero is recorded in the seventh century AD The Mayans invented zero, especially for the purpose of the calendar that were used during III century AD Tracking the number zero did not reach European civilization until after the 800th year. not when the Arabs introduced the trade. Greeks and Romans used the abacus or the first known device for the calculation of your time to make a calculation and therefore they should not have been zero. Name this number comes from the Arabic language.
Where does zero
There are many different stories about the origin of zero, one of them is that zero is the first time used the Indian mathematician Aryabhata in India in the ninth century AD There is also a story that Indian scholar Pingala and his fellow scholars used the Sanskrit word? nya, related to the number zero. second story, however, that he invented the number zero in the Mayan civilization for their calendars, while some accounts claim that dates back to zero the year 300 BC. and was first discovered in Babylon. In Europe there is no evidence that the number of zeros used until after the year 800 not to have been first introduced the Arabs who traded with the Europeans, and the word is zero, also comes from the Arabic language.
The 130th was not Ptolemy used a small circle with a long line over a symbol for zero, this symbol is used in some cases and for itself, not just to fill the place of the numbers and so may become the first documented example of the use of zero in the Old World, however, zero is used only as a fractional part of, not as an integral part to a later period, when added in the letter that stood for the number 70 to the 525th, is zero used in Roman numerals, and documented that it was first used by Dionysius Exiguus, however, in that time there were no symbols to represent numbers, only the word null, which means nothing.
first written use of zero
oldest text in which uses the zero Jains text - the Indian religions - the 458th year of India does not, the first known use of symbols that represents a zero inscription carved in stone from India dating back to 876 by zero is not, not the 825th, been used in the arithmetic book of Persian scientists Khwarizmi, the book contained a combination of Greek and Hindu knowledge and explanation of the use of zero.
628th year not Brahmasputha Siddhanta wrote the first rules of using the number zero, for example, that the sum of zero and zero equals zero, the sum of zero and a positive number equal a positive number and a few other rules, and now, after many years, applied, and zero is an indispensable number in the numbering system. Source: Who Invented Zero

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