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How to interpret the end of the world

How to interpret the end of the world. Almost all religions have their own interpretations of the end of the world

Almost all religions have their own interpretations of the end of the world. Following is an overview of beliefs about the end of the world who profess a different religious faith, but from the standpoint of theory and science.
When will be the end of the world?
For most Christians, the idea of ​​the end of the world is based on the Book of Revelation. This is the last book in the Bible and written by the Apostle John. According to the book, there will be a few characters and events that will predict this period. This includes Ascension, When the body of believers will be transformed into an eternal and taken away to heaven. Then will appear the Antichrist or Beast The 666th person to be possessed by Satan and will rule the world. famine, pestilence and wars will prevail. then will Jesus return to Earth Christ and the end of the world will come when Christ defeated Satan at the Battle of Armageddon. will then generate a new heaven and new earth.
Islam In the Quran it is stated several disastrous omens and signs announcing the end of the world. most important include the arrival of Mahdi, the last Khalifa. It also gives other signs such as displacement of the Earth, which leads to the elevation and fall of the Earth three times. large fire and smoke will cover the sky.
Other signs are a few strong earthquakes and the sunrise in the west. also appears and the beast, but the wind will blow and take the soul of the Muslim in a safe place. Neither Christian nor Muslim religious books do not say when it will happen end of the world, but rather provide guidance to their followers to recognize the signs mentioned. Mayans and 2012. years
The idea of ​​the Mayan civilization on the end of the world is different: they believe that everything happens in cycles. Each cycle lasts an average of 200 fifth year and ends with a natural disaster. current cycle ends 21. decembar 2012. god. and the end will be marked by fire. In fact, there is nothing in Mayan myth that mentions the end of all existence on earth, but only about the end of the cycle. Instead of the end of mankind, the end of the cycle will be characterized by only one change. dying sun
According to scientists, solar energy will be spent for 10 billion years. One of these two things will happen. One possibility is that the sun will shrink. will become a neutron star and will eventually turn into a black hole. planets surrounding it will be sucked. The second scenario is that the sun will cool down. This will occur because the end of the world, the sun will turn into a red giant. swallow the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth, and possibly Mars before it stabilizes at a certain size. Other theories
All American natives believe in a coming day of judgment. There are certain variations on this theme, but the general opinion is that the monsters will appear and disasters occur. But in the end, Divine Savior, or will come and save the righteous. interpretations of Hinduism and Buddhism are different. According to these beliefs , destruction and creation are infinite cycles. There is no doubt that the end of the world topic that people will talk more next year. Source: End of World Theories

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