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How do windmills

How do windmills. Windmill is a machine used for pumping water, grinding flour, and energy conversion

windmill is a machine used for pumping water, grinding flour and conversion of energy. Secret that lies behind the work of wind is driving the conversion of wind power through a mechanical rotor that spins under the pressure of the wind. At the present time is used propeller - propeller -. People in ancient times knew how to do windmills, especially during the seventh century BC in Persia, where they built the first structures of this type. They are well used in Europe, particularly Holland. It is used to generate electricity.

The principle of wind
Windmills are used to accumulate wind propellers. These propellers are used for lifting and turning windmills. propellers are attached to the shaft, which is also connected to an electric generator to produce electricity. Electricity is produced when the shaft rotates while turning the propeller. Electricity is sent through the wire and is collected. Location of wind turbines is essential because it provides access to the best reserves of wind. Types of wind
way the wind is also depends on the type of windmills. There are different types of windmills . They are classified based on the direction of turning the propeller - propeller -. the most common types of wind turbines with vertical and horizontal axis. Horizontal turbines are the most popular and traditional windmills that are similar planes with propellers. Further, with vertical axis wind turbines are the ones that have a propeller-like shaker egg. They are much less popular than those with a horizontal axis which represents only a small percentage of this type of windmill. Modern which is also known as wind turbines and grouped in areas that are called wind farms. Some of these turbines are near the coast. turbines produce about 40 percent of electricity in the country. However, they typically run the steam generated by burning fossil fuels or using nuclear fission. Use
size also affects the operation of wind turbines. windmill can produce a certain amount of electricity, depending on the size. Larger wind turbines are stronger and can proizvdeu larger amount enegije. Less can power small household electricity only. Wind farms can produce significant megavate electricity which is enough to supply an entire community. turbines operating in wind produce zero emissions and using only renewable fuels. Possible problems
electricity production depends on the work of wind, especially when there is sufficient wind strength. Since wind turbines using renewable energy, their further development. However, over time the technology has improved efektivost wind turbines . They became profitable for both producers and consumers.

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