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How do air conditioners

How do air conditioners. Summer months may bring inhuman high-temperature

The summer months can bring the inhuman heat. If not for Willis Havilenda Keriera - Eng. Willis Haviland Carrier - all we are still preznojavali indoors. Who is Willis Havilend Kerier? He was an engineering genius who invented and patented first conventional air conditioner. If you thought this article about Willis Havilendu Kerieru, you are wrong - this is a wonderful article about his air-cooling device. first standard air conditioner appeared on the market 1902nd year. and instantly became a hit in the business sectors such as industrial warehouses and production facilities that would otherwise be sweltering boxes. It was only around 1928. In, air conditioners have become available for retail sales and home use. Until then, people have flocked to department stores and theaters to are cool.
Do you ever happen to the climate in your car or apartment off? Malfunctioning air conditioning you really makes you appreciate even more the mechanics of the device to create cold air. A few things have changed over many years, but the basic principles behind air conditioners remained the same. But how do air conditioners? look at their core system. basic concept
air conditioners air conditioner as a refrigerator with a fan. Use gas called freon and Is used in different cooling purposes, but as fuel in spray. Air conditioners draw warm air and is cooled by the evaporation process. then ejects fan until chilled air into the room. Basically, this work environment. Now lets close the deal with this issue. Principles of warm Air
Air Conditioners work by the transfer of warm air. In the central system air conditioners, there are three separate cells. first station is responsible for the separation of heat from the air in the room. other two cells expel heat in outdoor environments. Heat is slowly shifting from place to place, especially if there is a difference in temperature. Warm air can be easily moved to the area where the temperature is lower. And the greater the temperature difference, hot air will move faster. Do you remember how it looks when you open the car door flies? feels as you heat wave struck in the face. reason for this is that the indoor air much warmer than outside, and therefore is moving quickly. How to behave
Dry freon refrigerant freon has much lower boiling point than water. It does not require too much heat to jumping. An air conditioner includes a series of small tubes with liquid cooling substance. As warm air passes through the check valve blows through these pipes, heat from the air into liquid refrigerant, causing boiling. After boiling, changes in the gas. basic law of physics is that when the liquid boils and turns into a gas, heat and evaporates. As air conditioning creates a cold air
When the thermostat indicates that the air conditioner in the surrounding air becomes too hot, the compressor turns on and starts with pumping. It compresses refrigerant gas and makes it warmer. Then, hot steam is being pushed to the fluid condenser. This hot gas flowing through the coil group which dissipates heat into the ambient air which is pushed by coil by fans. As the fluid cools, it begins to condenses into a liquid. liquid then passes through a capillary tube or expansion valve. While in the pipes, cooling liquid substance evaporates and becomes a cold low pressure gas. This cold gas runs through a series of coils that allow for the evaporation of gas to absorb heat. Using this process cools the air that passes through the coil, and then the fan pushes cold air into the room that is cooled. As warm, moist air blows through this coil, it creates condensation and water flows through the pipe. This water is returned back into the cooling unit the ventilator can be used to cool hot kondezatorskih coil. This helps to drop the level of humidity in the house. Since the room is cool, the thermostat measures the temperature. When the room temperature drops below that set on the thermostat, air conditioner compressor receives the signal and closes. In some cases, the fan may continue to operate even though the compressor is turned off. At a time when the room temperature becomes higher than that set on the thermostat, cooling process starts over again.

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