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How to grow cacti

How to grow cacti. Want to know how to cultivate cacti? The right place

Want to know how to cultivate cacti? The right place.
Belong to the group Cacti and succulents are plants with or without spikes. Of course this is a simplified description, but enough to start. True fans of the cactus when they become passionate breeders in specialized books enter into the secrets of cacti and their systematization of experienced botanists sometimes inflicts a lot of problems. Cacti are grown by us mostly as house plants. Originally from hot and arid regions: Australia and the deserts of Africa, and most of South, Central and North America. They are very modest and appropriate for those who would like to have plants at home but have little time for them. Even when they go on vacation does not have anyone to pray to the bay because the cacti wait patiently for their return. Most cacti do not take up much space and correspond to the smaller apartments. the characteristic shape and the flowers are regular, nice and clean clear colors. flowers they do not last long but some cacti in particular articulated decorated with many flowers that look like a bouquet. We are still hard to find a mixture of country cactus so you can easily make your own desired composition which will give good results. Mix jdnake parts sand, humus and sand must be completely washed and clean is a good loam with a molehill. Although cacti consistently include the indoor plants, they prefer to spend the summer outside the sheltered area. winter, be sure to enter them into the house and keep the temperature about 5 degrees Celsius, and water the are very rare. This means only a few times during the winter, because that is their resting period. In the spring and fall of water the them every ten days, and every five flies. While this modest plant that does not mean they should not be just any care. Prihranjujte them a special fertilizer for cacti. Follow the instructions and do not prihranjujte them too often. rarely attack them, although insects and diseases and to There are certain pesticides.
However, do not worry about insects and it is enough to cultivate them properly.

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