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How to plant roses

How to plant roses. Before you decide to plant roses in your garden, be aware that there were ancient Greeks gave the title of Queen of Flowers

Before you decide to plant roses in your garden, be aware that there were ancient Greeks gave the title of Queen of Flowers. This flower adorned Venus and Aphrodite.
Rose has a myriad of over 10 000 species and it would be confusing start in detailing all the divisions to which they can be classified. Our proposal is the choice to go to the nearest nursery during May and June, to see live that kind of look and write down their names. Then in the fall go by the ones you are most liked, and plant them.
Roses Do not just choose the color, but pay attention to their growth. reasons can be divided into several groups: dwarf creeper, and hybrid stem plants. hybrid now has all sorts of people and most of the first name of the rose think of them. Roses can be planted in spring and autumn. In both cases, the most well-prepared ground. It is important that the country well in the hole insert isitnite manure, especially manure. Then you need to put a layer of soil and then plants. It is desirable to add peat and compost, and if you can put it directly on the plant.
flower shops you can buy and put the peat substrate with roots. After all, it rose to be a good pour. choosing a place to note that roses do not set them somewhere where you be able to do the drainage.
distance between the roses can be about 0.5 meters, although it depends on the variety. What we need is to plant a rose where at least 5 hours of direct sunlight. Before planting the seedlings a good look and scissors she cut away any damaged parts of the roots or aerial parts. hold the roots in water for several hours before planting. Rouge plant by grafting the place is just below the surface. roses need regular watering, but not on leaves. passe cut flowers regularly. Unfortunately, attacking them many diseases and pests. They are mainly aphids, leaf folders, caterpillars and a feeling of illness to the powdery mildew, rust and black spotting. For all these diseases there is a cure in a well-equipped pharmacies. Keep in mind that they are well cultivated and properly cultivated Rose is very resistant and did not need frequent application of chemistry.
choose your own varieties but always make sure that the rose must dominate the space, as though they were the queen of flowers. before winter and cold days they must be protected from frost. Just to put some roots peat or compost and dry leaves and branches of conifers. In the spring it all away, and they okopajte orez.
Most roses will enchant you as soon as May beautiful flowers as a reward for your efforts around them ...

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