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How to arrange the napkins

To arrange the napkins. Napkins are primary to every table and it is important to learn how to be arranged

Napkins are primary to every table and it is important to learn how to arrange them. But just because they are not necessary mean that they can be decorative. There are many ways to sort out even the simplest of white napkins, many of them quickly and easily - and best of all, we do not have to involve complicated origami or something in the form of a swan.
Napkins Napkin Rings are a classic way to sort out their napkins, but even if you have no ring for serviettes still You can get the effect. Use tape, this is very useful for those short pieces that you always stay when packing or something if you keep track of nice gifts, re-use here. Or instead take the tape wrapping paper, wallpaper, or other wrapping paper - heavier is better -. Cut the second strip 5 cm wide and 2 5 cm x 2, using ordinary scissors or something with decorated edges. You can decorate the tape if you want some detail. Wrap the tape around the twisted napkin, cut the ends so that the superimposed on a half inch or so on and strengthen the ends of double-sided tape or with a little glue from the tube. If you want a little more to decorate your napkins add a little decoration. Take a tie with resamna, feathers, flowers, leaves, small embellishments or decorations for Christmas napkins folded . Or attach the pins on the old parts of solid or patterned satin straps like a glamorous addition to the napkins. To create your own reusable napkin rings buy elastic fabric. With a thin elastic thread and some beads you can create with beads bracelet-style napkin rings. If buying a wider pieces, you can cover with fabric, buttons or other decorations using a little glue or needle and thread. Strengthen elastic ends with a needle and thread. Instead, the idea that your ornament napkin ring is, you can choose to bend salverte in various forms. If you are interested in making decorative designs, there are books and websites with step-by-step instructions on how to create these forms with iron and a little starch. If you want something a little easier to try this basic form of the pocket. Spread the napkin in the shape of a cube. Fold the bottom edge to the middle of napkins. Warp - new - lower edge back on top. Then fold each side back to bring them together in the middle. Fold the sides in the same way again to create a narrow pocket. Now place the napkin on the table and put it in your pocket whatever you want - cutlery, sticks, flowers, menu cards or anything else you want.

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