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Everything for my home. Feng shui, interior design and decorating, decorating styles... Advices like choosing colors for walls, furniture for bedroom or solutions for small apartments.


Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration. Home Interior Decoration can prove to be a very hard job because there are many things that should be taken into account

Home Interior Decoration can prove to be a very hard job because there are many things that should be taken into account. In addition to price, furniture and decorative elements, attention will have to pay and the color and the pattern or form of decorative elements, and Of course, you have to plan where to put everything. color of the walls Many people opt for a neutral color walls, whether it is a white, gray, soiled white or light gray. There is nothing wrong in choosing a neutral color, and if you are already like the color of your walls, there is no need to change it. If youre afraid to experiment, try to paint just one wall, which will be a test wall. If it is a large room, you can choose virtually any color. If you turn the issue to a smaller room, try to bypass the use of dark colors, so you do not close the room even more. There are many styles of decorating styles, decorating living space for which you choose, and choosing the right one will depend on your personal taste. If you love antique furniture, lace and floral motifs, try the French style of interior decoration. Those who prefer a simpler style, clean lines and thick contours should opt for a more contemporary style. Other styles of decorating living space include southwestern, country, rococo, neoclassical, African, rustic, Asian, art deco, Mediterranean, and viktorijasnki retro style. Conversely, you may decide that you do not follow any existing, and to build their own style - the careful selection of colors and decorative elements, anything can be done with taste. For example, if you like leopard motifs and lemon green color, it can achieve a combination of lime green, mocha color, gray and gold, combining them with leopard motifs. Color Schemes Color is one of the most important parts of the interior decorations. From furniture and fabrics, to paintings and decorative elements, if the color is misplaced, the whole look of the room will be bad. Certain motifs require certain color palette, the same goes for special styles of decoration.
For example, when the house you want to edit in a contemporary style, you should choose a neutral color palette. Using pastels would not work with this type of decorating. Here are some color palettes that can be taken into consideration: azure, white, black and cherry colors go well with marine style decoration, blue, green, blue and yellow go with the French style, using colors like red, cobalt blue and white case want to have a contemporary look of the living room, red, emerald green, amber and amethyst will give your room a warm, royal touch. Organization Without an order, your room will look cluttered, you will conditionally consume all the decorative elements. How to make your space remained regulated, identify special places where you will not post items that often change their place. For example, if you know your keys, or is likely to leave mail on the table next to the entrance, place a decorative vase that will be used to store these items, so they would not be scattered over the coffee table in front of other. If you tend to leave your magazine on the coffee table, get one with an extra drawer or decide to purchase the Ottomans with the possibility that something in him and defer to easily be able to get rid of the magazine.

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