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How to cultivate plants in the winter

How to cultivate the plants in winter. For dedicated gardeners, cold weather is good reason to be concerned, leaves and roots of plants can be affected by extreme cold, can even be frozen

For the dedicated gardener, cold weather is good reason to be concerned, leaves and roots of plants can be affected by extreme cold, can even be frozen. This can be very discouraging when you spent the entire spring and summer of careful breeding a splendid garden. However, you can take steps to protect your precious plants and to keep them healthy during the cold seasons.
How to care for plants
Put the blanket of leaves to create humus around their plants in the form of donuts which will look like a circle that needs to protect the roots. Some cover be removed from 2.5 cm to 5 cm from the stem of the plant. Carefully pour the leaves in a layer thickness of about 5 cm. Cover the plants with broad leaves. 4 stick thrust into the ground around the plants . Trees should be located at least 9 inches from the plants that she had enough space. Place the fabric through which the plant can breathe through the rod and ensure that the leaves and branches do not come into contact with the cloth. If your plant comes in contact with a cold cloth , it may be frozen. Remove damaged branches or introduced with its wood / plants during the winter to him / her relieve. pruning branches will also make the plant healthier and more vital in the next peridou growth. Remove the cover from the fabric with the plant once it gets warmer . Leave the rods in the country in case of unexpected outside zahladni. SavetiStare sheets and bags sargije you can use to cover plants in the winter instead of what you throw them. Not all plants of the same. will take some time to learn what the needs of your tree / plant before as it clipped, otherwise he will not use pruning. of leaves to create humus can block the flow of moisture the plant roots. your water the plant regularly and always check the soil moisture. Check the moisture level at least once a month, even when winter passes. Do not use plastic to cover plants. Covering garbage bag or similar material can cause lower greenhouse gas emissions within the blanket. This will cause a temporary change in temperature from cold to hot inside the cover and can damage your plant.

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