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How to drink creatine

How to drink creatine. Creatine is a natural compound that is located in the body, including muscles

Creatine is a natural compound that is located in the body, including muscles. Recently received much publicity because of its ability to increase endurance, strength and muscle strength when taken as supplements, or dietary supplement. In this paper we will simply give you describe how to drink creatine. 1 - Begin with the filling phase. Phase charge varies between 12 and 20 g depending on your weight, frequency and intensity of exercise. What are the larger and more frequent and intense exercise, the greater the dose.
Take Creatine in divided doses. Try three or four times a day. Continue filling phase of five days. 2 - Go to the maintenance phase after you complete the loading phase. Again, the dose will depend on your weight, frequency and intensity of your workout. maintenance phase is between 4 and 12 g per day. Take in divided doses three or four times a day. Take creatine immediately after exercise because your muscles repair faster. Take it from one to three months, and then make a break. Drink water when using creatine, to avoid unwanted dehydration. And in addition, facilitate the absorption.

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