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How to be a good goalie

How to be a good goalkeeper. In football goalkeeper is the last line of defense, and often the first line of attack

The soccer goalkeeper is the last line of defense, and often the first line of attack. Good goalkeepers are praised as heroes and are often responsible for the maintenance teams in the game. But when you mess something goalie often has to go through hell. Few sports figures have viewers and the keeper who made a mistake. Just ask the English goalkeeper Robert Green about his error in the 2010 World Cup against the United States. What follows are some simple tips that should be useful to any goalkeeper at any level for this game sport. 1 - Stay focused - may take some time during the game before goalkeeper participates in a course of action. Some goalkeepers are easy to relax in those moments. This is definitely not good. Football is a game that can be reversed in time. opposite those with fast counterattacks or players who can kick from a distance could easily be an advantage for goalkeepers who do not respond. Be careful, stay vigilant and focused on action, even though everything is on the other side of the court. 2 - I do not defend, just, Fight - The best teams in football attacking and defending it as one. When the goalkeeper catches the ball after the shooting, or received a reverse pass, he has a chance to press the reset button and move the team to attack. Be aware of the grouping of his team on the field and see who is available to take a long throw or goalkick. fast action you can put your team on the attack before an opposing team has time to regroup and set up defenses. 3 - Close the angle of attack - If you find yourself in a one-on-one with a player who is free and attack your goal you need to act quickly. No other defensive players around most of the attackers in a relatively short time to find its place and put the ball into the net. you as a goalie you have to prevent their possible angles for a shot at goal to come and try to stop the ball as close to the attackers as you can. It takes courage and commitment. 4 - Always catch the ball, if possible - if you can it is always better to catch a ball kicked at goal but the boksujete, sending it on. Catching the ball stops danger the ball enters the goal while sparring and pushing the ball can still provide another player a chance to shoot the unsuccessful defense. Of course, there are many instances where the deflection off the only option, but whenever you can, grab it.

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