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How to play volleyball

How to play volleyball. Volleyball is the kind of team sport, the ball is put their hands over the network on its side

Volleyball is the kind of team sport, the ball is put their hands over the network on its side. Team consists of 12 players, of which 6 players in the field. Each player has a specific function. Team consists of technicians, proofreaders, two recipient, middle blocker and libero. Technicians brain of the team, he always stands near the net. Blockers are also close to the net, their job is to block the opponents spike. concealer smash and went up and libero receive service. In some rotations, you will receive also smash. Volleyball is played on three sets won by 25 points. When both teams have two sets obtained, play a decisive third set to 15 points. most important elements of the technology game service, reception, lift, spike and block. The ball which begins each point. It is performed at the beginning and after each set of points lost. There are several ways of serving. most popular service is the service in the air. Upon receiving the player is in the volleyball position, hands joined in the hammer. Hands are joined and the inside of the forearm turned up. hammer is used when an opponents service, when receiving the ball from the rejected blocks. Booting the form of committal ball attacker. Spike is the most effective way of achieving points. Technician rising ball, and a forward smash the highest possible point. body with a spike to bend the arch, upper body stretches forward. Of great importance is the momentum before the spike, consisting of the steps and The spring. Steps need to be quick and explosive. block is the most effective defense against a spike. responsible for blocking the three players who are on the network. Volleyball is a sport in which an important role speeds and versatile body movements. Players are expected to react faster, current resourcefulness. Volleyball is a cultured in a sport where there is no contact with opposing players. Sport, which allows display of sporting spirit, the ability , desire, will, perseverance. Sport who wants a bloody knee, with a smile on his face.

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