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How the tiles on the belly

Where tiles on the belly. To reach the perfect sit-ups and tiles on the belly requires discipline, knowledge of your main muscle groups and how they should train

To reach the perfect sit-ups and tiles on the belly requires discipline, knowledge of your main muscle groups and how they should train. In fact, there are 5 different groups of the abdominal wall, and they extend to the lower back. No need to pay dues in the local tereteani or separating money for the purchase of expensive machinery.
How to tile stomach
Getting the perfect tiles on the belly starts diet. There is no magic pill or a work program that will help you lose weight in the stomach, and you will need to be aware of your diet. Get a good diet program, follow the same, and you first start to lose weight from stomach. Smart Abs selected foods is essential. Underline diet, and other scientifically proven and well Diet programs are good. Bypass gimmicks and temporary methods for rapid fat burning. Start with basic exercises for the abdominal wall. Put your hands behind your back and lift your feet off the floor to stomach tightened. Gently tap your head with your fingertips and Concentrate to isolate your abdominal muscles. Do at least 10 Repeat, in 4 series. Unless you are practicing long, then look to reduce the number of repeat. Then, without a break, turn and set the bridge position resting on your fingers and elbows. Try to stay parallel with the floor as long as possible. Gently rotate your torso to one side and another side to activate your abs and lower back. This will help you get the side abs. Take a break of at least 48 hours between workouts. Remember that your abs are not while exercising the right, but during your holiday. Give them time to recover, otherwise you will not get good results.

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