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Exercises for the back

Exercises for your back. If you are looking for quality exercises for your back to the right place

If you are looking for quality exercises for your back to the right place. Strengthen the back muscles is very important because they are the pillar of the whole body. This is a big muscle groups and requires a lot of attention and exercise caution to avoid injury. As with all other muscle groups, and generally exercising at the gym, you must be persistent and you must not give up. In the following we will explain to you with pictures and words how to do exercises for your back: back exercises

Deadlift is probably one of the best exercises you can do for your back. This is because this exercise participates in many parts of the body, and has multiple significance for strengthening the body. Take a barbell slightly wider than shoulder width, spine is right. Now slowly bend the knees, at the same time slowly lean forward, but must remain the backbone of law, it does not bend. your hamstrings to be parallel to the floor and return to the starting position. Withdrawal dumbbells:
Place one leg by knee knee on the bench, and the other foot touches the firm to be your support. If your left leg as a prop in the picture, then the left hand holding dumbbells. back to you be flat and parallel to the floor. hand that youre lifting the weight in the initial extended position. Now pull the weight up and hold briefly in this position and return to the home. withdrawal of the lat machine:
Grasp the bar wide, such as shown in Fig. Sit down and put his knees under the sticks. Extend your arms you are stretched upward, holding the bar. Now slowly pull down until the bar comes behind your neck. This position hold two or three seconds and return to starting position. Rowing:
Sit back, grab the handles and pull gently and controlled by the body until it is closer to your upper abdomen. Keep your body in this position in seconds of two-to greater effect and restore the body to its original position. Do not suddenly jounce and make sudden movements as this may lead to unnecessary injuries. Chin:
Pull-ups are very important and useful exercise. They not only act on your back, but also influence the design of your shoulders and abdomen. Exercise is difficult, because here is actually lifting your own weight, which is initially very difficult to perform more than a few times. But slowly, the most important thing is to work properly, a number of repetitions will be from day to day increase. Grasp the bar a little wider of your shoulders as shown in Fig. risen to above the height of your chin. Keep this in a second for stronger performance and lower to starting position.

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