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Exercises for the biceps

Exercises for biceps. In this article we will through pictures and text to present the basic exercises for the biceps

In this article we will through pictures and text to present the basic exercises for the biceps. All exercises are easily performed, and images are the maximum that you assist and facilitate learning. Term biceps brachii is Latin for the biceps, in translation means two heads of muscle in the hand. This means that the muscle actually consists of two parts, which are connected. Beautiful and powerful biceps may not be a privilege only a small number of men. Below find out what are the exercises for the biceps, but you can immediately adopt and direction of the gym.
Exercises for the biceps curl
skotovoj bench:
Sit on Scotts bench, the front part of the body that you are with the rest. EZ Grasp the bar.
hands are in the initial stretched position. Slowly lift the bar upward until your lower and upper arm does not form an angle of 90 degrees. Now slowly lower the barbell down to the starting position. I again repeat the entire movement. Concentration Curls Dumbbell: This exercise
are commonly used to increase the peak biceps. Sit on the bench so your feet spacing is wider than the shoulders of some 10 cm. Grasp the dumbbell, elbow close to your inner thigh near the knee. the power of the biceps lift the dumbbell up toward your shoulder. Good to concentrate while doing this exercise, and the upper most position stegneti stronger biceps exercises for the full effect, and then slowly go back down to the starting position as shown. Standing alternating dumbbell raise:
Grab a pair of dumbbells in your hands. legs spread in the width apart. extend your arms beside the body and moving the arm to lift the weight up. Then it descend, and raise others. careful not to move the elbow, only controlled movement upwards, while the forearms are not parallel with the floor. Standing lift rods:

This exercise in addition to affecting the biceps and your shoulders, so it is very useful.
Grasp the bar, feet that they may be shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms slightly in front of the body, then lift the weight up by moving the forearm, and elbow must remain calm. rod back to the starting position and repeat all over again. of things you will need: bar, weights, gym

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