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How to remove the stomach

How to remove the stomach. Nightmare and eternal question of how many of the removed stomach

The nightmare and the eternal question is how many of your stomach removed. Answer is much simpler than most think. Most important is the strong, iron will, determination and a bit of course knowledge.
In this article we present a few basic things you need respect if you want to remove the stomach and finally lose weight ... How to download your stomach? 1 - Healthy eating and diet - imbalanced high-calorie diet is one of the most common causes of obesity and the occurrence of fat on the belly. sufficient quantities of water for hydration and cleansing the body. Eat healthy and avoid eating late at night. 2 - Exercise - When you sort out your diet, immediately after that the most important thing is to increase your physical activity that will improve the combustion of excess fat and calories. Go for a run, ride a bike, go to some sport, go with friends on the tennis, swimming ... 3 - Genetic predizpozicije - one largely determined by chance for the development of abdominal fat, but it has not affected you, but it is important to know that it has little stake in all this . 4 - Get rid of stress - Increased stress hormones increase the risk of abdominal fat, so avoid harried always and everywhere, try to relax, count to ten and remain calm. 5 - Leave the cigarettes - smoking activates the same as the stress hormone because if you are an avid or occasional smoker, it is high time to eliminate some bad habits from your daily life.

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