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How to do the exercises for abs

How do the exercises for the abs. How to get the tiles on the belly? Strengthen your abdominal muscles and lose fat

How to get the tiles on the belly? Strengthen your abdominal muscles and lose fat. The concept is simple but its implementation is not simple. You will need dedication, time and patience, but eventually the whole effort worthwhile. To get a belly plate you need to do two things: lose fat and build muscle. This will be achieved by diet and daily exercise. You can have the best abs and muscle tone, but will not be seen through them if there is a layer of fat. This article discusses ways to achieve both of these goal.
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do cardio exercises. An important step towards the formation of abdominal plates: there is no way to intentionally lose fat on any part of your body. It is therefore necessary to lose fat how to remove the excess that is through your crunches. even if you practice and get great abdominal muscles, if there is a layer of them over the room, no one will never see. Cardio exercises are exercises that speed up heart rate for a limited time and help in removing fat and excess weight. Some examples would be were: running, jogging, cycling, dancing, and rowing. Eat smaller dinners. Extensive dinner spoil your fat loss process because most people are not very active after dinner. This is the basis of advice: Do not eat anything for several hours before bedtime . The fact that your entire dinner turns into fat is not entirely accurate. This process is more complicated than that, but the fact that you do not move much after dinner is enough to ruin your plan. can to alleviate this by eating a healthy lunch or a more extensive snacks before dinner. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent choice for reducing your appetite, not to mention other benefits to your health. handful of fruit can also be used. You can also drink a large glass of water before you sit down at the table and dinner, because will need to reduce appetite. Eat breakfast. Many people skip breakfast because they do not have enough time. negative effects of skipping breakfast on your weight loss plan is more extensive lunch because your body into not entered any food in the past 12 hours - or more -. When more extensive lunch can be sleepy afterwards so you not only unproductive but also inactive. does not take much time to make and eat whole grains, and most of them extremely healthy. If you are really in trouble with the time, why not take a whole box of cookies or shake the insert into the bag when you go to work or school. Some biscuits for breakfast are excellent sources of fiber. Even an apple or yogurt better than nothing. Ideally, the largest meal is breakfast, then lunch and dinner. Lift weights. The more muscle your body has, will burn more calories even while at rest. Plus, resistance exercises are important for losing muscle mass while at the same time reduce the calories. If you only cardio exercise - running, basketball, football - and combine them with strength training exercises you may lose muscle mass, including the one in your abs.
May your metabolism constantly working. If you eat small meals every three hours while awake, you will speed up your metabolism, but you will contribute to making it all the time. your metabolism slows down and accelerates the introduction of food if you eat small meals every three hours, your metabolism will burn calories and will help you lose weight. Each meal should include simple proteins, so that your body does not have to spent fuel for the muscles which would have your lower abdominals, and your metabolism has slowed. Drink more water each day. To know how much water should you drink per day, calculate the half of their weight - in kilograms - and so many grams of water to drink every day. So a person of 68 kg should drink at least 2.2 liters of water a day. Sounds like a huge amount of water, but you can not drink the tea without sugar. In order to lose fat, it is important to remind yourself that thirst is a weaker stimulus of hunger. If you constantly feel hungry after a meal, do not immediately think that still needs to eat. Maybe youre just thirsty.
If you drink too much water - a few liters, especially if you sweat - it can be dangerous when diluted salts and minerals. If you exercise hard and sweat a lot, you will need to replenish fluids and salt. Add your water sports drinks or fruit high in potassium such as bananas and apples. / Ul Replace refined grains with whole grains. In a scientific study of people who jeliobroke from whole grains - in addition to five meals in the form of fruits and vegetables, three servings of dairy products with low fat, and two servings of lean meat, fish or poultry - have lost more fat on the stomach than other group who ingested the same food but with a refined grain cereals. Diets rich in whole grain cereals changing the reaction of glucose and insulin in your body which accelerates the process of melting fat and fat from the abdomen, the deep layer of fat that your body burns more easily than subcutaneous fat under your skin - the fat that you can see and grab -. Building muscle mass
Work Lie on the floor - with or without a mat - with his hands in front of the chest or gently touching my temples - never behind your head -. Bend the knees. Lift the shoulders - the upper torso - the knees using only your abdominal muscles. It is very important not to lift your back completely from the floor, as this may hurt them and the extended movement does not help to get faster chips in your stomach. The most important part is the initial bending crunches by raising your shoulders off the floor. As soon as you start to lift off the floor, exhale through the mouth. Then pause for one second when youre on top of the movement breathe a little air from the diaphragm while flexing crunches. Now go back slowly and controlled while inhaling through the nose, just so that your shoulder blades touch the floor. Do not let your head fall to the floor. Work
complete abs. Lie on the floor with your feet on the floor, knees raised and arms folded on his chest. Let someone hold your feet, or attach them to something below. Sit all the way on the up, lifting your body off the floor along with the shoulder blades. Let your back be straight - do not hunch -. Drop down to the bottom. Repeat. When you become this relatively easily - ie. when you could easily do a lot of sit-ups -, experiment a little. Find incline bench - bench -. Work your abs with weights. Keep them in the chest while you work. When this becomes easier and easier, increase the weight lifting. Train your entire musculature. How to build a really great abs is first important to understand what their functions: their full name is rectus abdominis. Rectus is of Latin origin and means upright, straight, right. Contrary to popular belief, the primary purpose of sit-ups did not allow you to curl up into a ball, but with the back muscles involved in maintaining proper posture and stabilize that. keep your spine. These muscles are not just for show! The best exercises for your abs are those that involve the entire musculature which supports your spine. Some exercises are squats, dead lift and then push. These exercises train your body to do what was intended. At the same time, exercising other muscles - eg. gluteus and quadriceps -. Work boot leg. Lie on the floor, lift your legs straight, arms, put aside. Lift your legs straight - bend the knees at all - until they were at 90 degrees - or close to it -. Lower leg and repeat, while keeping their feet not touching the floor. Made it difficult to exercise, in many gyms there are devices to boot that you can use to raise yourself using your hands. If you use these devices easier if you lift your knees to your chest. It is harder to lift your legs in a horizontal position with the knees extended. This strengthens the lower abdomen. If you are really in good shape to try doing leg lift with medicine ball hanging between your feet. Or hang it on the bar for lifting and lift your legs in front of you until the rod. Work
switches. Lie on the floor. Put your hands on the floor on both sides for balance; can be lifted as soon as you get used to the movement. Simultaneously raise your knees and torso so that your knees and face meet on an imaginary line. You should be able to kiss the top of the knee movement. Your legs will be bent so your feet will be pointed at the hips, like a pocket knife. Lie back - ie. stretch - and repeat. When you can put the weight between your feet. Work Put the body in the position as push-ups, but with your elbows on the floor and the whole body flat. This position is known as static which exercise the whole body - including your abs -. Stay in this position as you can. Beginners should withstand for 45 seconds, while practitioners willing and able to withstand more than 5 minutes. To do this aside, turn to one side and lift the same position as before, but this time only one arm will be on the floor, the other in the air and your leg that is not encumbered by other lower leg. Again, this is how you can do to get through. Practice
lateral abdominal muscles. It is not necessary to train the muscles of your side, but you will eventually want to train them for a much nicer look, combined with good abs. These are the muscles on either side of your abdomen. There are different combinations of exercises for the lateral muscles and all that involves turning the torso to the effective resistance. In the gym there are various devices for turning - Twister - you can turn to while doing crunches, you can work bending aside, you can raise on both sides holding the medicine ball in his hands, and so on. Many beginners have a weak side muscles - because they are not used much in everyday life - so you always have to go slowly with side crunches. You do
alternating with the lateral muscles. Lift your feet off the floor while doing changing legs in the air. Attract the right shoulder, left knee and right-left. / Ul Always looking for new ways to work in regular exercise
use ball for practice. Work the balls to add instability practice which will improve your balance and There are many other exercises you can do on the ball. You can use small balls that are used in physical therapy. Bend over and turn over the daily routine. Your left hand to try to reach things on your right hand and vice versa. If you want to turn your face to something, try to do with the hips in place and turning at the waist. - This is a little weird if you talk to people, so use only objects -. While walking or standing imagine that something is coming your way and bend over to avoid this. Do this as much as feels comfortable and then when it does not seem strange. You can bend forward from the hips and really so fond of the way. Add complex movements. This will improve the whole constitution of your body. For example, combine push-ups and rowing. Take a position for push-ups on two dumbbells. Do you do push-ups, but start rowing changing the weights. See how much you need power just to maintain the balance? Combine exercise! Be creative! Muscle tension is your friend. / Ul back and abdominal muscles as much, otherwise you can have a bad attitude. Dietary supplements can be useful, but they are just what their ads and said, add-ons. There is no magic pill that will help you lose weight without exercise. On the market there are some supplements that can help you by going to speed up metabolism and reduce appetite a bit but still you need to practice. Most of the supplements is a fake and will not give any result, and at the same time will cost you a bundle. And remember, even if they help, you must pay attention to diet and increase exercise. Most people will probably take a multivitamin and mineral tablets Opinions about losing weight and shaping the muscles are like noses-everybody has them and they are all different. After all, you should find something you enjoy and which will be held. Over time, you can make changes until you achieve the results that are good for you. Get plenty of rest - 8 hours for adults, and 8-10 hours for children and teenagers -. When you exercise your muscles and exhausted at rest, giving them enough time to recover, after which it will grow stronger than before. Genetic is the fact that some people will always have a little fat over muscle. It is the nature and if forcing your body to something more than normal, it may require a dangerous endeavor. UpozorenjaKao with any exercise program, consult your doctor before you introduce major changes in your exercise routine especially if you have any medical problems. Slowly increase the weight. Being eager is great but setting unrealistic goals will not help in the long run. Most, if not all of these exercises are not recommended for people who have a problem with the lower back. There are other ways to build a tile on the belly, and without overloading the back. If you are unsure or feel pain in his back, talk to the physical therapist on the proper ways to exercise. Do not skip the warm up before exercise, as this can cause serious injury. Some people have an excess of a few pounds around the belly and start from the beginning with this program, it may look a little bigger in the stomach, as a layer of fat over the muscle that you build. You may want to start doing just cardio exercise to remove fat from the entire body. If you do certain exercises muscle formation, unfortunately, will not contribute to the reduction of fat in this part of the body. In addition, if you just do the exercises for strengthening and shaping sit ups, and ignore other parts of the body, it can cause an imbalance in the body, affects the occurrence of back pain where before existed, and some existing problems worse. Try to eat regularly. If you skip meals and starving yourself it will only impact negatively on your body. Try to avoid this situation as possible. If youre hungry for a long time, it will only slow down your metabolism. The body, thinking that no food, they will try to take the best from what i have to start saving energy. And in doing so, will reimburse the carbohydrates from protein in your muscles. This means that once again eat one plate, which you planned to get.

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