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How to behave in a street fight

How to behave in a street brawl. Aim of this guide is to help you resolve a street fight or confrontation using, easy-planned actions that will help you survive and escape

The purpose of this guide is to help you resolve a street fight or confrontation using, easy-planned actions that will help you survive and escape.
Familiarize yourself with the surroundings. In addition to the various objects that can serve as weapons and traps, it is important to know where you can escape - especially when youre outnumbered. Make full use of all your senses. Do not just look around - use the shadows and reflections in his favor. If you make a mistake and assume the following: your opponent is a better fighter and has a gain, brings blunt or sharp weapons such as brass knuckles or a knife, you will be hit. Be prepared to get hit. Do not engage in a fight. Although it is too obvious, the surest way to win in a street brawl is that does not enter into it. In most cases, you will get some kind of warning before the assault. If you can not resolve a fight without a fight, do it. Do not let your ego is more important than your safety. in verbal conflict that can become violent, stay calm and collected, and take a strong line that will defend and protect. Be neutral and do not be confrontational. For example, if you accuse a guy to watch his girlfriend, you can only apologize and say that it looks like someone whom you once knew. He will then have only two options: accept your apology
and perhaps it back. In this case, everything is okay. Is it so hard to apologize to a moron - even if you do not want and do not think - to avoid a fight? If the situation is resolved, remember never to turn back the attacker. It would be wise to move away two or three steps backwards and then turn around. Always be ready to blow naive. continue to threaten you. In this case, repeat the apology. Look honestly, but not weak! If he still continues to threaten you and close you are, say that you do not want trouble and problems. Be strong verbal, using words like decline or remove it. louder on when you get closer. / ul Move away from your opponent, allowing it to be closer to you on just how much is enough for the attack. attacker should reduce the distance between you so he could attack you. If you are out of reach to means you can not hit you. Try to stay out of his hand - ie. side, not directly in front of him -. Remember that they can themselves be obstacles. Beware. Even if only extend your hands and take a stand type remove the time to put something between you and your opponent. As an alternative to this, stand close to your opponent. You will have the power and control as long as your arm can reach, and most people will be uncomfortable or unexpected that someone is attacking directly in front of them, occupying their space. As much as possible to stay relaxed and breathe deeply. What you are relaxed, the harder you hit and youll be less prone to injuries Try to follow the movements of the enemy. If youre provoked it and waiting to be opened, only you will be hurt . Feel his movements and will allow you to hit. Know when and how to escape:
If you are outnumbered in the conflict or simply do not want a beating, then the first opportunity that you can point to escape a well-lit public places where there people. While fleeing the conflict in the middle, try to stop your opponents as much as possible: Lock them obstacles. If you succeed in your trash can, car, bus or another, are between you and the attacker, the better. Get out of the narrow path and passages such as the car in the parking lot, run along the narrow stairs or running - and fight - through the narrow corridor. This will prevent opponents to rally around you. If you know you can not escape them, and do not try. If you catch - especially when there are multiple attackers - probably will lose, simply because of lack of energy. One or two opponents who are running the same way you may be tired, but those left behind you will be eager for a fight. / ul Establish a balance so you can stay on your feet. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees. If you go down to the ground it can be dangerous for Allowing unqualified and inexperienced, especially if your opponent has a weapon, or the hinterlands of experience in fights. If you find yourself with such, try to escape as long as you know. Defend yourself. response to an attack targeting opponents of any opening, looking for weak points, and that without exposing too much attack. Use graded force. - See warning below -.
blow to the weak points - the face, temples, neck, kidneys, solar plexus, etc. - can weaken your opponent. scratching, biting, hair pulling, pulling, spitting, throwing something in the eye also can be applied. You defend yourself from violent attackers, and not in the ring with the rules. Use anything just to ensure their safety. Hit the eye, and if other attackers around you, hit the outstretched fist in front grljan. If you hit the nose, the eyes of your opponents will blur, will feel pain and will be stupid enough to get away. Think you pass any hits below the belt if he did not at hand. blows below the belt should be directed to the tibia, the joints, interior or back of the sheets, thigh or knee cup - if their legs upright -. not knock over the waist or knees because they will catch you in the leg. attacks from behind is hard to see and avoid if you are in a real fight, if not cowardly attack from behind. Keep your back and Fight with opponent in the back. Hit the very head of your opponent. Lower the threads to be the level of his nose and face. Glasgow kiss defeated many skilled fighters who were not ready. Learn wrestling. successfully wrestling you can put into an advantage even if the attacker is much stronger and faster. One way is wait until his move to start a counterattack. Wrestling as a counter-attack always succeeds, if done correctly. / ul Make it louder. Do not be afraid to yell for help or to shout fire! - people will probably respond more quickly to the fire because you will want to watch, and probably will not want to interfere if you call something else -. This will draw attention to your attacker what he hoped not. It will also confuse and so that it will not be so focused on the fight. Escape to your soon-i - ci-opponent - are onesposobnljeni. Call the police or inform any other relevant service as soon as possible. Tell them where you are, where the attack took place and describe the attackers. martial arts can prepare you to win in a street brawl If you corner the corner. Select style of fighting that teaches you how to attack, combat arms and combat on the ground so that you can be effective on the legs and on the ground. However, keep in mind that even though you studied martial arts for a long time, does not necessarily mean that you are always safe on the streets. If you think that will help your black belt to win in a street fight, too much risk. If someone is better trained to deal with the situation, leave it to them. Do not try to confuse, as may cause even more trouble. Follow reasonable instructions given to you. Count how many opponents you are in hot pursuit, and to remember. This will fail to prevent surprise attacks when they are separated. can cause injury to you, kill you, and to take you to jail. metered power is the most important phrase to remember when defending yourself, the law generally allows you enough how to defend against attackers, but no more. Take only what is enough to help you escape and notify a competent service as soon as possible. In some countries, kicking a person lying on the ground is considered an attack even when it comes to self-defense. never fight the influence of alcohol or if you are under the influence of drugs. When kicking an opponent in the face, be very careful. you could end up with broken fingers and severe cuts if you hit the forehead, nose or teeth. Get a weapon if you can. According to the rules dosed force your right to apply as much force as is necessary to ensure their safety. If you pull a knife or other weapon, and he continues to cause you, then you challenged it to defend yourself. out your priority - intimidating or causing injury to you enough to get away, is your method.

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