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How to practice yoga

How to practice yoga. Yoga is a discipline with which it is possible to achieve the perfect balance between physical, mental and spiritual

Yoga is a discipline with which it is possible to achieve the perfect balance between physical, mental and spiritual. Although yoga is quite popularized in recent decades, knowledge about it is not sufficiently widespread. Many only see yoga as physical exercise, only one is associated with meditation, some only with religion, but yoga is really all this and more pride. The word yoga is derived from the expression yui / yuj and means to unite, unite. In an extended meaning is the unity of mind, body and emotions. As physical part is concerned, there are over 8000 yoga position, although the exact number can not be determined because it can not determine the exact period of the emergence of yoga, the exact number of types of yoga. As far as religious acts, yoga is associated with the three largest religions in the India - Hinduism, Buddhism and - Jainism -. philosophical bases of yoga they are so colorful, just like the kind of yoga. It is this diversity that characterizes yoga, I think the most accurate statement is that the type of yoga is just as much as there are those who practice yoga .
If you resolve to practice yoga, youll mention a couple of necessary preparations, and the rest is up to you.
How to practice yoga
Yoga is primarily a state of mind, then everything else. To prepared to practice, first examine yourself whether you really want to. Yoga will give you instant results, and yoga is no substitute for sporting activities, but will in the long run to provide such a state of mind and body that you will be more than satisfied. So, if you you are willing to regularly during their working week devote practicing yoga, you can start preparing. a plan to start exercising. Set a few days a week when the most you will be able to dedicate to exercise and stick to the plan. If you have other commitments and plans in mind, then you are not well planned. While doing yoga, doing only yoga. You must be committed. Find a space to practice where you will not disturb anyone, but where else will disturb you. interruption during the exercise that somebody asks you or This has just finished is not an option. Do not be frivolous. In addition, turn off the phone and all you could be bothered. Clothing should be loose and comfortable, so you can freely move and must be made from natural materials will not cause reactions in the skin during exercise. sporstki washing should be, and if you are so comfortable - and without the exercise machine. Nothing that you can not squeeze, seated well and that the cuts. Again - you must have patience, because yoga is not an immediate results. Practice slow and relaxed, be focused on training, and the results will come slowly. most important to begin practicing breathing. Concentrating on breathing helps you first empty your mind of all things - because you are focused only on the breath - and then you relax and then you start exercising. For a start its good to try to breathe in different ways - through the stomach and diaphragm, and across the chest, through the nose or the mouth, and through only one nostril, then through another. Do not try this at once St. but try one by one. the breathing exercises you can include meditation, affirmations and creative visualization. Whatever you need to relax, open and save the yoga positions. To start choose a lighter position for the exercise. No one can do anything positions, because everything depends on the natural features of our bodies. Do not overload yourself or body, and if you feel pain during exercise, then this position do not work. Listen to what the body tells you and work placements to suit your body. The spine is the main support of our bodies and to properly practiced, your spine must be strong and razmrdana. excellent beginner postures that prepare you for the spine and exercises are standing postures. Mountain is the first asana position - position - which is supposed to do. Stand right, parallel set of separate little feet - hip-width apart -, knees straight. arms and shoulders relaxed and the body, feet completely stable. Breathe. As you breathe try to feel how your body rises up, and when you exhale try to feel how you pull the body towards the foot. Repeat as many times as you need it. Another position that may continue in this position, and also the standing position of the tree. Stand in Mountain position, then bend one leg so your thigh is outside, and the foot is touching the inner thigh stand legs. Maintain balance and breathe, and then exhale to lift both arms up, fixed. Breathe like this for a while and then replace the legs. third position is called. front deviation from position. get back in the position of the mountain, and then be taken in bend forward until your hands touch the floor. This position can be modified according to your possibilities - just touch the floor with your fingertips or touch your feet. knees are corrected all the time. The point of this position is to stretch the spine, so it moarte work slowly. If you have severe pain in his back or legs, then try to put yourself in front of a chair or stool on which to rely. Stay in this position for some time, breath, straighten up slowly to exhale and repeat as many times you want. These three positions are for you start would be enough, until you strengthen and prepare the spine. When you feel it is time, move on to other exercises. Help you find the video tutorials on the internet, in books or you can ask someone to help you. Exercising in groups with a coach can really help , but keep in mind that many people besides the coach will not be able to focus entirely on you. With coach can take the basics of yoga and exercise, but the rest is up to you. SavetiNe do yoga if you currently have a low or high blood pressure. Adjust the pressure and Then practice. not practice with a headache. Pregnant women can do yoga, but must avoid positions that cause tummy tuck and twist. expert advice before exercising. If you have an old injury or problems with the spine, select exercises that will not cause any discomfort and pain . Do not do anything what you do feels good. free working asanas in cycle time, but still pay attention to how you feel. If you do not feel good, do not do this exercise.

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