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How to put artificial eyelashes

How to put artificial lashes. If you want to put artificial eyelashes must be very patient and concentrated

If you want to put artificial eyelashes must be very patient and concentrated. Artificial eyelashes you can immediately give a great putting a glamorous look. You may seem to look unnatural or that it is difficult to stick, but do not worry. In the following we will help you to do it without problems ... 1 - Shutters. To be well adhered artificial lashes, lids must be clean and dry. 2 - Mascara. first on your lashes, apply a thin layer of mascara. 3 - Draw eyeliner. Then the edge alajner eyelids draw, finger rub line, to achieve the blurring effect. This will hold the strips of artificial eyelashes to be less conspicuous. 4 - eyelash glue. Squeeze a small amount of eyelash glue on your finger and gently move it over strips of artificial eyelashes. 5 - Bonding. Slowly stick the artificial lashes as close to the edge of the natural lashes. paste them from the outside inward. With two fingers press the edge of the lashes and wait several seconds for the glue to dry. 6 - A little mascara to finish. After successfully pasting artificial eyelashes, apply mascara, it will be an additional adhesive, which will allow the natural lashes to be mixed with man. carefully mascara to the upper inside of the eyelids, wait a minute, then repeat. Notes: - If you want to achieve a natural look choose those lashes that have different length hair. Feel free to themselves, before putting, shorten the scissors to the desired length. - Artificial eyelashes are removed by appropriate means for removing make-up smearing the place where they are inserted. Be careful not to damage your lashes.

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