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How to extend the smell of perfume

How to extend the smell of perfume. You must have felt many times someones beautiful smell of perfume in the near and wanted to be and your feeling for so long and intensive

You must have felt many times someones beautiful smell of perfume in the near and wanted to be and your feeling for so long and intense. How will retain the fragrance on your skin depends on several things: the perfume that you choose, up to this how it is applied and how it is stored. Hear are some tips to follow and make your perfume smell lasts longer. 1 - When choosing a fragrance, we recommend you choose one with sensual base notes, because these notes help to bind fragrances to each other . In the long term base notes are earthy aromas, spices, trees, and notes such as moss, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk and patchouli. 2 - apply perfume in layers, it would be best to take the money and buy your favorite perfume and ancillary products. Our advice is to start with the shower gel, and then continue with the cream for the body, and I apply perfume before dressing and putting any kind of jewelery jewelry. 3 - The perfume is usually placed on pulse points, then the inside of the wrists , behind the ear shells. At these places the skin is warmer and the fragrance dissipates quickly in the air. perfume can be applied to the hair and, at the end of a pelvic perfume from a distance of 20cm and just run through a fragrant cloud. 4 - In order for the longer duration , perfume should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. When you open the perfume begins the process of oxidation. solution for this problem is to buy less packaging and that, before the next purchase, spend to the end. Note: People with pale and dry skin have more applied to perfume, because oily skin retains fragrance longer.

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