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How to dress for winter

How to dress for winter. Quality shoes for the winter is not too difficult task

Quality shoes for the winter is not too difficult a task. No book a little time for careful planning can greatly help you to be warm despite the intense cold.
Heres the recipe for dressing for the cold, step by step: 1 - The first layer must be comfortable, lightweight fabric that will absorb sweat from your body. Avoid pure cotton, linen or similar materials as these trap moisture and will further keep you cool. When planning how to dress for winter, you stay dry on top of your priorities. Standard lower thermal Washing, is great for the first layer. Silk is also very warm and is a great feeling to have the skin. Unfortunately silk is not quite durable and will last as long as traditional thermal underwear. 2 - The second coat should fit very comfortably above the first layer. Wool is ideal as a second layer of your winter clothes. Wool is very warm, retains insulating properties even if it is wet and easy enough for your second layer. If you happen to be allergic or simply do not like wool, there are many umetnih fabric, similar properties as an alternative to wool. Try synthetic flysch or something similar. 3 - The third layer may be slightly heavier than the first two. Moderate flysch, shirt, light jacket will do its job well in the winter. third layer of clothing must be easily removed if you becomes too hot. 4 - If extremely cold weather, the outer layer may consist of two parts. Say something easier than a heavier jacket. hooded jackets are best for these conditions because they provide extra warmth for your neck and head. Jackets that you cover your thighs are much better than those that are just to the waist. outer layer should also contain some protection for the head.
It is very important when you dress for cold weather to have a warm hat. Makar had a hood on the jacket. Ideal caps that can protect the head and your ears. 5 - your ears, cheeks, nose, chin, fingers and toes are especially susceptible to frostbite. Protect your face with a warm hat and scarf with a hood. gloved fingers to quality care. One with just the thumb warmer from those with all five fingers, because the heat generated by the whole arm trapped in a limited area. Unfortunately these gloves are not practical. It is best to have normal gloves with five fingers and a thumb with only one large enough to dress one of the first . 6 - Finally warm boots and shoes are a vital piece of clothing for cold weather. When the body cools the brain diverts heat from the extremities to the vital organs so that they remain warm. That leaves the legs, especially feet and toes extremely vulnerable to frostbite.
The first sock layer should be lightweight and of a material that absorbs moisture. best to have two pairs of socks. Avoid cotton socks of the same or any material that retains moisture.
Winter shoes should never be just right, always buy shoes half larger number so that they remain in the circulation of air. So your feet will stay warm and dry. Shoes must be watertight, shall have the sole non-slip backing and a soft, warm lining.

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