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How to plan the future

Planning the future. Planning their future activities is attributable to a shorter or longer period of your life

Planning your future is an activity that may relate to shorter or longer period of your life. Therefore, we can talk about short-and long-term plans for the future. If we look at the long run, every one of us would like to see themselves successful in their work on a meaningful position, with a beautiful wife, a large number of healthy children, in this or that location ... What many forget is that to achieve these goals have to go and to realize a host of smaller goals that will ultimately contribute to the achievement one of the main, long-term goal. So the first thing you need to actually here to do is to think carefully in the future, or onakvoj the future you want yourself. Once you have a clear picture of what it is that would make you happy and fulfill your life, you will be able to start realizing his dreams. For every man is most important to know what they want. If it is always realistic, skoncetrisan and persistent in achieving their plans, with any luck, will be able to achieve what he wants. Suppose that have a plan for the future. It includes work, family .. Ask yourself the guidelines and start setting short term goals that will, in their own way, contribute to the achievement of that goal For example, if you see yourself tomorrow at the head of a large consulting company, it is logical that you will need a graduate degree architects. Work on it. Ask yourself the five-year goal of completion of studies in architecture. It is not easy? No one said it would be easy. Learn to be honest with yourself. If you always find reasons for the extension of deadlines, or worse, giving up the set standards, you will never be where you want. Write! Learn to write and his promises himself to paper. Attach slips on a visible place in your area - on the board of cork, glued to the door of your room, the fridge .. - so you will always be able to read what it is why bother. What is this higher purpose? plan carefully. Do not rush in making some decisions. Do not have a family if you are not well-off and if you are in financial able to endure this burden. It can be destructive to affect your plans. planning a baby? Do you provide all that is needed to keep the child? Once you learn to realistically assess and synchronize your objectives with the possibilities, you learn to be honest with yourself and others, and you know what you really want and why you do what you do, you can not screw up. success is yours.

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