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How to choose glasses

How to choose glasses. Choosing the right sunglasses is very important

Choosing the right eyewear is essential. No matter whether it comes in one form or the sun, we will in this article give tips on how to choose glasses face shape, and therefore that you stood up and responded. In the glasses should be functional, they must meet several criteria.
What are the criteria, read below: 1 - eyepieces should not touch the cheeks. 2 - handles glasses should not be carved in the temple and have be resting comfortably on the ears. 3 - Width of glasses to match the width of your face. 4 - The oval shape of the head. If you have an oval shaped head you can choose almost any type of glasses without the risk that you will not stand well. 5 - The round face. If you go for a round face, square glasses models. 6 - For a square face shape. If you have a square face shape oval sunglasses will soften sharp facial features. 7 - For a longer nose. If you choose a long nose glasses that are most pronounced in the on visually shorten it. 8 - If you have fair skin will be best suited for frames in jarkoj color: blue, red, green, purple ... avoid black in this case, while the color red can make you look rested, refreshed and younger.

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