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Solid breast

Solid breast. Simple answer to the question of how to have firm breasts is

The simplest answer to the question of how to have firm breasts is - install the silicone. If you do not want to undergo this procedure, be prepared to this part of the body every day devote attention and time. To firm breasts needed a strong pectoral muscles, which will meet the skin loses elasticity with age, and breast tissue density.
How to get firm breasts
Struggle for firm breasts means fighting with gravity. When the battle is lost, the chest relax. Hold firm breasts is not an easy job, is not it?
However, something can be done in this article we will advise you exactly how to do: The most important is the proper posture. your chest will not help anything, if you pogrbeljeni. In this situation worse and your breathing is detriment of other parts of the body. Another important point is correctly shaped bra that will firmly adhere to your breasts, but it will not shrink so much that you lose your breath. Under the influence of cold female breasts are tightened. why the dancers at the Paris Lido cabaret, before going on stage affixed chunks of ice on the chest. do not have to overdo it - will be strong enough shower of cold water. Swimming gives the best results in increased muscle tone breasts. fitness, especially aerobic, good choice. There are special exercises to strengthen the chest muscles.
Here is one that does not require special conditions: Home - Bend the elbows and really press your palms together and then relax the muscles. Repeat 8 times. Breast Massage will give skin elasticity and tissue density because it improves circulation. For that you do not need a special cream - enough olive or almond oil. If you are too fat, dilute it with water and gently massage. It is important to massage the breasts gently in a circular motion to avoid stretching the skin. skin of your chest and over his body and face masks mixture bananas, milk and honey is very effective. The mask of dried rose petals and cream is a great tonic for your breasts. The mill grind coffee petals add a tablespoon cream and mix well. Apply to the skin, breast and let it sit for 15 minutes. You will quickly notice a firming effect roses. How to choose a bra

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