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How to make a free site

How to make a site for free. Development of the Internet allows people to create websites easily, quickly and, in some cases, free

The development of the Internet allows people to create websites easily, quickly and, in some cases, free. There are sites that serve this purpose, and have ready-made templates to which only adds to your content. Their use is free. Most of them work simply copying the contents of the fields that are provided for it. In addition to existing patterns of these sites provide, these websites also offer other tools that you can use to make your site even more useful and enjoyable. This paper will present some of the examples where you can make a site for free. 1 - Weebly. com offers an application for creating web site that is extremely easy to use. If you have no prior experience or limited technical experience in creating websites, you should be able to create your site using Weebly-jeve simple drag-and-drop applications. If the user wants to add a text box to write, can simply drag and drop text box anywhere on the site. Users can drag images and boxes with elements such as boxes with HTML Code, games, or search button. Weebly site offers users a free pop-up windows, the ability to create as many websites as they want and a tutorial. 2 - Webs. com provides web hosting. Webs. com templates are arranged depending on the type of site users wants to make. It offers a variety of templates, including business, for organizations, groups or individuals. Each template in accordance with their use, has a different content. For example, for the commercial sites include the product, and the statement page actions. For the design of clicking on the content or image, and appears in the box that you can put a picture or text. There are also boxes of elements that allow users to add features. Webs. com also offers a help module. 3 - Wix. com offers the possibility of building a website in flash, free. Flash sites are for those users who like the look of Flash web pages. Flash makes web sites and images brighter and cleaner. They also produce the animation between two users. While Wix has already ready-made templates for individual users, for personal use, for musicians, photographers and businessmen, all they can to make useful websites. Sites have already been designed and allow users to enter their text and content. There are forums and help modules for new users.

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