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How to make a favicon icon for site

How to make a favicon icon for the site. You must have noticed by now that some sites in front of your urls have a small picture that represents them

Surely youve noticed by now that some sites in front of your urls have a small picture that represents them. This small frame is called a favicon. Now you want to know how to make a favicon icon for your own site. This article will give you the to assist. First, know that it is not complicated and difficult, and there are plenty of places where you can make your own favicon icon.
One of them is the Favicon Generator, which you recommend this occasion. On it you will see that All this is very simple and fast. First select the picture you want to make a favicon icon and make sure to be the ideal dimensions of 100 x 100 When selected, only click on the Generate Favicon! your favicon icon is created and you will be presented the following text: Complete! = Click Here to Download Your Favicon! Simply click on the download icon and save to your computer.
Then you have the manual how to change your favicon. Just copy the icon in the root directory. And then the code in the User , put in a part of your site. Thats all, enjoy your new favicon icon!

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