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How to delete a profile on Facebook

How to delete a profile on Facebook. Tired of Facebook and want to learn how to delete your profile on facebook? The right place, this article will give you step by step how to do it

Tired of Facebook and want to learn how to delete your profile on facebook? The right place, this article will give you step by step how to do it.
Trust us not at all difficult, even complicated, all you have to do is follow our instructions in text and pictures and everything will be easy. Step 1: In gonja right corner click on Account and then in the drop-down menu select the second option Settings. Step 2: When you do you will get this: At the end of the list, find the Deactivate Account and click on Deactivate. Step 3: When you have done it asks you whether you really want to deactivate your profile and you will exit you: Choose any option, then click Confirm.
You will be asked to enter your password when you do youll cut out to write the letters with small pictures to check when you enter and click Submit and your Facebook account has been deactivated. If you do not more you use Facebook and you want your user account be deleted permanently, keep in mind that the more you can reactivate your account or use the content that you have been added. If you want your account deleted entirely, please contact Facebook by using this form and confirm your request.
If you want to delete your facebook account permanently, go to this link: Delete a Facebook Account

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