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How to download video from YouTube

How to download video from YouTube. Want to download videos from Youtube? Do it in the easiest and fastest way

you want to download video from Youtube? Do it in the easiest and quickest way. Every day I throw a lot of interesting video clips and you will definitely want some of them to download and save to your computer.
In the following we explain you step by step how to do it. Step 1 - type in your internet browser the following address: http://keepvid. com / or more simply by clicking here we take you directly to that site. Step 2 - When you open the site you will get the following:
In this field you will paste the youtube link ovati recording you want to download. Simply go to youtube, find the video you want to download it, open it and copy its link in the box. Step 3 - when it do you click Download and wait a few seconds to generate links to your site for download.
We took an example video: Eminem - Love The Way You Lie Ft. Rihanna. Heres how it will look like: You will receive links to
download the desired youtube clip in FLV and MP4 format. If the recording is poor quality, we recommend that you choose a lower resolution format FLV. Otherwise you can try and MP4. When you decide which format and resolution you want to click on the pop up window for you download .
Very easy, right?

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