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How to attach files to mail

How to attach files to mail. E-mail is increasingly popular in this article will explain how to attach files to mail

E-mail is increasingly popular in this article will explain how to add a file to the mail. It is in English called Attach a file to know when youre looking for that option. Electronic communication messages is now very popular among the established people in our region. For this reason it is good to know at least some basic things when it comes to sending emails and files with them. To add a file to the mail? 1 - Open your web browser and type in the address line of your e-link mail hosting such as for example gmail. com 2 - Enter your information and log into your e-mail address 3 - Click on Compose or Create a new message, depending on how you write this option. 4 - Locate the icon on that says Attach a file or whatever. This indicator is in most e-mail hosting is a form of paper clips and easy to find. 5 - Click on that icon and you will open a new window where you select the file you want to add to your email. When you select the appropriate file, click the certificate, usually says Open it will start to add that file to your mail. 6 - Read the instructions on your screen when you add the project is completed. Usually you will see a message The file was successfully attached This means that your file is successfully added. 7 - Check the address to which you want to send mail, and I text message and send your e-mail with all the files you add.

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