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How to protect your computer from viruses

How to protect your computer from viruses. You can always try a little more and protect your computer from viruses

you can always try a little more and protect your computer from viruses. Why should it not do? If you think your computer is infected with a virus, take the necessary steps to make sure that as such to infect other computers on the network. 1 - Be careful when receiving and sending some files. 2 - Do not reuse the discs that were used on other computers, do not remove the film from unsafe websites, and do not open attachments in email unless you expect mail in connection with the content. Beware messages and attachments, even if senders appear as people who are your friends, with the vague title and content, such as, for example, Check this or See these pics. 3 - For the purpose of increasing the security of your computer, install a good antivirus program. 4 - If you get infected, visit the website of antivirus software manufacturers are using and download the newest additions antivirus package. Then run the software. It may not be able to completely eliminate the virus, but will be able to identify . 5 - Search for material on the network in search of more information about the virus that your computer is zapatio, by typing the name of the virus and the suffix virus in the search box. For example, Melissa virus, BubbleBoy virus, and so on. 6 - download and install any add-on software that will help you to eliminate the virus. Or follow any instructions that you find on the site to manually remove the virus from your computer. 7 - Then, run the scan again for viruses to make sure you did a good job. 8 - Be cautious when receiving supplements with extensions -. doc,. exe,. com,. xls or. ppt -. Never open attachments with the extensions. vbs or. js, as a normal user never should not have a need to open these files.

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