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Privacy on the Internet

Privacy on the Internet. Internet is a good source of information, but there comes to a theme

The Internet is a good source of information, but there comes to a theme - protection of privacy on the Internet. There is almost no area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife where the information can be found on this global computer network. But, despite all the benefits that this form of communication brings, and many dangers lurk. Usually there is a computer theft of personal data, fraud and the like. Many of these challenges include criminal law as a criminal offense and you can inflict great damage to the property and the private life. How to protect Privacy on the Internet? 1 - Think before you leave too much personal information on some of the popular networking sites - like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter ... - Otherwise, you can easily become a victim of identity theft. 2 - Do not open e-mails you receive from unknown users because they often contain viruses that may be hazardous to your privacy. 3 - If you access the Internet from public places and other peoples computers required, wipe after using the history of visited sites - Browsing history -. 4 - Choose a good password, which will always comprise the only known you a combination of numbers and never use the option to automatically load the passwords. For each account it is desirable to have a different password. 5 - Regularly updated with your Internet browser as this will eliminate potential security vulnerabilities in the operating system and the browser. 6 - Be sure to install some antivirus programs and regularly updated with new virus definitions that will help you become a victim of hackers and other hunters on your privacy.

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