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How to register for free hosting and domain for the site

How to register for free hosting and domain for the site. Internet technologies in todays more developed and more and more new websites

Internet technologies in todays more developed and more and more new web sites. Even everything is so simple, anyone can make a free one. But what is needed to operate a web site? Two essential elements of a web page are
1 domain - each site should have a name that is. identify you will respond. example. www. google. com or www. yahoo. com
2 Hosting - web site that could be published, should be placed somewhere, or rather to a web server.
For both of these elements in practice to pay a certain sum of money, but I will in this article describe how to pay for them nothing!
Go to www. from. rs and check whether the domain you want is free. Services from. com offers free domain name, and one end of the tag. rs to the domain - name - your site to read for example. www. tvojdomen. out. rs. If you have received feedback that the domain is available, go to the next step. not closing the page of the service. rs go to www. freehostia. com. There you will see somewhere on the site Chocholate plan . This is a free hosting plan. Sign-up for him. The registration button can be Take a bit or Signup or Free hosting sign up, is constantly changing. the registration form where it says: Add domain name to host select Use my existing domain. into position type your domain name you have chosen without the www initial, for example. tvojdomen. out. rs. Under complete information requested and click CONTINUE. Go back to the . rs and that says DNS: enter the following:
DNS1. freehostia. com or DNS2. freehostia. com - without quotes of course. Click on the check domain, then register domain. you the new site, and clicking the next. appears you are a new registration form, and also create an account here. Fill out the information and click send activation email. Check your email, or in your inbox - inbox - or among spam - spam / junk - you will find two messages, one of freedns - domain services - through which you activate a domain, and the other is from freehostia - hosting services - where you received the password that you will be able to enter the control panel site. Go to www . freehostia. com and obtained the user name and password login, and you can start building the site! SavetiOtvorite new email for each new site. Use this email for domain name registration and hosting. somewhere Write down all the passwords and other data that you entered when registering , and keep it from third parties. Do not give false information. for logging site to the control panel - C-panel - use a newer version of the site, because it is visually enhanced and simplified. You can login at the following website: www. newcp. freehostia. com / UpozorenjaFreehostia not receive more domains ending in co. cc, and therefore we used in the example. rs.

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