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How to make web pages

How to make web pages. Creating web pages is not just about the same design

Creating a web site design is not just about the same. There is an entire story about the revival of an image, a few people - or one person who knows how to do it all - and a nice amount of money invested. This implies that making a website is not cheap and that requires some knowledge and understanding of the rules of computer graphics, programming and creating graphical applications. If yourself for some reason need a web site - for personal or business reasons -, then they should be at least the advice and explanations contact IT professionals. IT expert is someone who would have a degree in engineering or computer science, or even laudable and long-term practice in that area. IT specialist is little in the neighborhood who understands computers. The reason for writing this article is to clarify and list the specific steps required to creation and implementation of the web and the whole operation becomes clearer to those who have only seen a computer. Each concept will be explained in the simplest way possible with the known expression of the Serbian language.
How to make web pages
assume you have some private business. Suppose you have a company logo, which probably serves a purpose, but practice tells us that the logo that you might use for years in fact does not seem representative of the site and instead you play as professionals, will cause the opposite effect. So, what you first have a visual identity of the company. What does it mean? The visual identity is the first thing that your potential customers come in contact when it comes to your company. The first thing that your client is just a logo. The choice of color, shape, association, recognition, simplicity is what should be in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčcompetition should help the client to remember just your logo and your company. A person who knows how to do a good logo - and a complete visual identity if you need - a person who holds a computer graphics designer. Computer graphics designer is someone who has undergone training in marketing, management, multimedia, design basis and design of vector and raster graphics. The designer of computer graphics is not the same as a graphic designer. The difference between the two designers is that the former will do what you really need, and the latter will make a work of art. Another difference is that the first designer specialized our expertise in computer graphics - logos, web pages, etc. - while others specialized in fine arts. A good logo is worth to invest and be prepared to get you a quality logo could cost several hundred euros. The next step is to design the site. The first page is called the homepage, it is the most information about you and your company and is the basis for any other party. Its elements depends on agreement between you and the designer. One of the basic rule is that everything is as simple as possible, but that does not mean you have to skimp on the information and explanations. Keep your contact information accurate and detailed, be sure to introduce yourself by name and some other explanation to be as accurate as possible. Visitors to your side will not have confidence in you and your company if you do not know who, what and where you are and what you do. This one page - homepage - will cost you from 200-800 euros, depending on your requirements and professional designers. Each of the next page you pay extra. This price, of course, can be adjusted if you make an appointment with the designer. Page design should be vector graphics, and it is possible to do in programs such as Illustrator, Lineform, FreeHand, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Xara Xtreme, Serif DrawPlus and the like. Feel free to ask any designer in the program will work and what kind of graphics used, and accordingly decide whether to allow him to do this job. Page also makes up part of the visual identity of your company and is not representative and professionally done, your company will only go to the expense. Do not be a otaljiga the job, but hire a professional. What is important to note here is to design the whole page does not work in programs that work only with bitmapskom graphics - like Photoshop -. The reasons why one site is always working in the vector and bitmap are not in a pure mathematical precision, which will certainly reflect on the quality of a page. So, Illustrator, not Photoshop. Writing code. If you are initially hired a designer of computer graphics, then he will know that I have done and the program part of your site. The person who wrote the title may have programmers, web developers and the like. It is important to know that programming using HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript and so on. how to write code depends on the practices and knowledge of developers and would not take much to make you worried if you know or do not know what these abbreviations mean. What you need to know is if a developer or designer to say easy to write code with the help of a drag & drop application or program, then do not start to work them. Such work may be completed faster and cheaper, but will affect the quality of your site and later can cost you more to fix these errors. Coding costs a few hundred euros, adding a database, animation and interaction with the user through the website - you can say you order something and the like. - Will cost extra. With a good programmer you can easily agree on everything. Domain. The domain is the address of the site. What are the street and number in the real world, it is the domain for the site on the Internet. The domain is purchased and can be national and international. Register for a specified number of years. On an annual basis does not cost much, at least 1,000 dinars. You can take a free domain, but it is not a domain, but the sub-domain, and to you as if you took someones address lease. Errors and problems that occur will cost you, and you will not be able personally to influence them, because you have taken a free domain. It is better to pay and that all you have to ask yourself. Hosting. Hosting a web space on the server where the site asks. To contact the hosting prestigious and proven companies, because then you know that you will not have problems in the future. Depending on which package you choose, it can cost a minimum of 10 euros. For hosting the same thing is true as well for the domain - if you will be worth and you do not have a headache later on, then you better pay. Everything is free, carries with it the problems that may not be able to remove. Recommendation for hosting DreamWebHosting. Maintenance site on a monthly basis. This means that a certain amount of money you will make your web developer to provide generally for the site to smoothly. Towels what builds up during the visit and what you should not, Repeater what needs to be renewed, maintain interaction with customers - if you have such a site -, feeders news, photos and more. This is again something that is a matter of agreement between you and your developers, designers, developers ...

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