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How to buy a camera

How to buy a camera. Nowadays, it seems, almost everyone has a digital camera and the ability to picture what you wish

Nowadays, it seems, almost everyone has a digital camera and the ability to picture what you wish. I do not mean just the cameras, but we have a camera in mobile phones, computers and other places. For this reason, the prospective buyer every day more and more difficult to choose which camera to buy. You have a lot of options, but before you begin shopping for your new fotaparata need to take into account the following matters: 1 - How much are you willing to take the money for the purchase. Currently their price range from 7 000 Ft and up. They renomiraniji quality manufacturers and are certainly more expensive. You must fit into an approximate price and for being the lead. For example, if you are able to lose 000 12th din, then run the numbers and ask the seller to offer you the choice to the amount of money. 2 - Now you can follow to decide how many megapixels you want, and any manufacturer. you 10 megapixels is more than enough and youll have great pictures. Of course, if you want more, you can select of up to 14 megapixels, and all to choose from it offers a strong brand. Then you will not be wrong: - But yet, we recommend a decent option prices, because you are going for about 10 to 12 thousand be able to afford the well-known brand and the condition of 9-10 megapixels for you every day and photographing more than enough. 3 - When youre done with that, see what kind of memory your camera has that you want to buy. models usually have some type of memory with the 40-50 mb You of course not enough for what might one day want to take a picture. For this reason you can insert a memory card and so expand your overall memory for pictures. These cards usually have a label SD, SDHC, Micro SD and more. certainly ask seller that correspond to the model that you want to buy and after you only need to choose how many gigabytes. It may also depend on the model, and how to inform the maximum supported. Typically, this is 4 GB. 4 - Consider the size of the camera, to would you be practical and easy for everyday use and carry. 5 - Check how optical and digital zoom has. 6 - Pay attention to the size of the LCD screen and if you have enough to easily you can view your pictures that youve fotkali. 7 - Ask what the seller goes out of automobiles. USB cable, software disc, rechargeable batteries and charging adapter as a standard. 8 - The end of the guarantee. Find out how many months it will provide. This is usually 24 months, but there are certainly and those with 12 months guarantee so it is desirable that the time to learn it before buying.

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