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How to buy a TV set

How to buy a TV. Emergence of the digital age brings new exciting television options: plasma and LCD screens and high definition TVs, available at affordable prices

The emergence of the digital age brings new exciting television options: plasma and LCD screens and high definition TVs, available at affordable prices. With so many choices, you may be more difficult to determine which type of TV is best for you. Basic information can help you find TV that meets your needs. Here are some tips on how to buy a TV. 1 - Measurement of space - bigger is better when buying a TV, but not if it is to the detriment of the enjoyment in watching. Make several survey before you buy a TV to know what size is best for you. Provide a good 6 inches of free space on each side of the TV - although I do not have to worry about if you have set aside a part of it -. Be sure to measure the height and length of the room where you keep the TV and ask for the dimensions when buying - these values ​​describe only the width of your TV screen diagonal -. Finally, make sure you have enough space between the TV and where you are going to watch television: two to three times the diagonal width of the screen. If you can not control television with such a distance in space you have, consider a smaller TV. 2 - Optional flat screen - Most TVs sold these days have some type of flat panel displays: LCD or plasma, or. Both have advantages and disadvantages to consider before making a decision. Plasma screens tend to provide a richer, deeper picture, and are available in larger sizes than LCDs - although LCD TVs are catching up in this area -. LCD, in turn, lighter and easier to carry. They also work better at higher altitudes, which can be problem for plasma screens. Consider the best options for your conditions before you decide between these two. 3 - High resolution - You can buy a HDTV, but in order to fully utilize it, you might need a few extra pieces of equipment. Contact your cable or satellite provider and see if they offer HD service, you may need for them to pay a little more each month. You will also need a HDMI cable to connect to cable or satellite box - and the Blue-ray disc player or DVD player, upgraded If you intend to watch a DVD or Blue-ray discs on the new television -. When you get them, then you can consider only the TV. Check image resolution on the set. should be at least 720p - 720 lines of pixels broadcast progressively or all at once - that would be considered high resolution. Ideally, you should buy a set that offers a resolution of 1080p, which is the maximum screen resolution of 2009. Otherwise, do not get optimal high resolution for your set.

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